Outnumbered 11/8/17 | Fox News Today November 8, 2017

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Outnumbered 11/8/17 | Fox News Today November 8, 2017
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Facebook Facebook says:

The so called president is pussy grabber and a sexual predictor.

john smith says:

Just face it YOU LOST

Michael Roy says:

In Lieu of Taxes, why doesn't anyone ever mention that companies leave our country because they don't have to pay for healthcare, retirement programs, or protect the environment in other countries.

Carol Wheatley says:

Trump jr takes meeting and bubba takes check . Clinton collusion is what this was the whole time.

Carol Wheatley says:

Russian collusion was all Clinton and Obama administration nothing to to with trump.

Carol Wheatley says:

Tax the hospitals , tax the churches and cut welfare illegals kick them the hell out they cost tooo much.

Carol Wheatley says:

My aunts family is in SK and this kicking the can down the rd won't fix the NK ideology Trump is right , he is doing a great job and for all those Dems, your the racists , your the liars , fraud is in the Dem game plan , anything to ruin America.

Carol Wheatley says:

Check the illegals who are voting . You can bet there is voter fraud or some kind of fraud when it come to the Dem party.

Carol Wheatley says:

Blue states are broke liberal and stupid states. After a while the only ones living in those states are the low life's and who will pay for them then . Red states who a smart and responsible won't bail you out .

Timothy Mckenna says:

Since the economy is doing well which it was doing since before trump was elected why does corporate America need a almost 50% tax cut? Maga

Daisy Amos says:

Re Uranium Deal, why did the Clintons get all that money… (granted that HClinton was only one of 9 officials that approved the deal) Who benefitted from the payments – per reports, Bill Clinton & the Clinton Foundation! Doesn’t the public need to know answers to these questions?

Daisy Amos says:

Dems have been starved for so long – naturally they’re gonna brag they’ve finally won (even if it’s in Dem country!)

Deb Trotter says:

Steve Hayes is so anti-Trump and doesn’t try hard at all to hide it. It saddens me because before this election I really liked him. He downplays Trump constantly, i.e. Trump has low approval ratings, campaign funds don’t matter, etc. Yet he gives him no credit for the ever expanding economy as if that doesn’t matter. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not a lefty but he sure hates Donald Trump and I guess that’s because he’s an elitist at heart. Breaks my heart because when he first started on Fox News on Special Report’s All-Star Panel, he was awesome. I used to jokingly call him Mr. Yummy to my parents and they got a kick out of it. But 10 or so years later and somewhat grayer, he’s not so yummy anymore.

Caly Boo says:

And this is the kind of people that voted Northam in? Great, VA is screwed.

Kathy Altherr says:

The results were expected. What do they have to talk about? Nothing.

LiquidSoul says:

Lol where is the olive branch in Trumps statement. You pretty much said, come get on your knees and blow me. Sheesg

trina dee says:

One more thing.. how do you not trust a poll on Trumps approval but this dem poll is gold and bible LOL

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