Sean Hannity 11/9/17 | Fox News Today November 9, 2017

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Sean Hannity 11/9/17 | Fox News Today November 9, 2017
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Rudi Hendricks says:

Anyone defending this guy is a fucking moron

Rabbit Snare says:

So Hannity is blabbering on now about "false accusations." Okay. They happen.

But I don't recall him talking about "false accusations" when Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexual assault. Or Kevin Spacey.

Ronaldreganfan says:

Obama= OneBigAssMistakeAmerica.

Ronaldreganfan says:

The liberal party is doing the same thing as they did to Clarence Thomas . These guys are so typical. I wonder if they are going to give her a house on a lake like they did for Bernie ?


I'd almost rather not know any more. It's so pathetic


Sorry. I think I'm just fed up . Someone told me once that knowing is better than not even if you can do nothing but I don't think I agree with that any more

Erik p says:

ASSUMPTION IS THE MOTHER OF ALL FUCK UPS. NEVER ASSUME ANYTHING WITHOUT CONCRETE EVIDENCE! !!!!….I'm a father of three and a grandfather of five….when my youngest daughter was in school of her classmates said to her teacher that I tried to molest her in the girls bathroom at there school. …..I was contacted by the police and brought to the school and after hours of questions on my whereabouts she finally said that she was lying just to get attention. ..almost put me behind bars for doing absolutely NOTHING. …during all this I was at work ….! Like I've said assuming something without any evidence is the mother of all fuck ups.!

Erik p says:

If that is enough to investigate? ? Then what's up with NO investigations into HITLERY and Odummer? ?? there a shit load of EVIDENCE? ??? WHY isn't there a investigation going on about them?????…the worst thing we Americans did was put a Muslim NIGGER in our most prestigious office. ..and now we all have to shovel the shit left behind. …


The left has no shame but it sounds like those goddamn fucking do nothing senators are up to their usual give no fucks about the American people because they don't like the fuckin president .for fucks sake you fuckers go fuck your fuckin selves

Marilyn King says:

'guided her hand to touch him' is straight out of a romance novel.

Pam Godwin says:

This is the same thing they did to Trump, this is what the Dems do. Its either that or your racist.

Adrian Larkins says:

Beware leftist, anti male, feminists who think they now can "go to town"

Paul Stone says:

Roy Moore is being railroaded by the deep state, they've been trying desperately to get rid of this guy. It's disgusting.

David says:

There now jumping on bandwagon. Money is involved.

pergamum362 says:

It is time for a CONVENTION OF STATES. We need to term limit ALL of these elected Public positions. I was hopeful for trump maybe doing something, but it occurred to me shortly after that the very people that should be limited, would have to vote for themselves to be limited and that has very little if any chance of happening.

Deb Reynolds says:

This is total bullshit. Just the democrats just trying to distract us from their LIES AND CRIMES. Not going to work..We believe nothing you say anymore. 38 yrs ago..Oh come on…BULLSHIT…I wonder how much they got paid to say this shit. Remember the la cross team..OBAMA HAD THEM CONVICTED AND RACIST..WELL, IT WAS NOT TRUE..

Sonny Dee Dam says:

Rats will be rats

mikechef1806 says:

Talk about perfect timing!! SARCASM

hgwiechie says:

I know another case of rushed judgement: Trump and the Central Park Five. He never apologized for that…

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