The Five Fox News 11/10/17 | Fox News Today November 10, 2017

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The Five Fox News 11/10/17 | Fox News Today November 10, 2017
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dangerousblablao says:

i prefer geraldo over that awful juan williams.

Gabriel Arch says:

Condolisa Rise IS a war-criminal she was intl security adviser to Bush when he ILLEGALLY attacked and invaded another UN member state (Iraq) based on LIES

Gabriel Arch says:

Hey Waters Pres. Assad NEVER gassed anyone, the terrorists you're arming and protecting did, so how about you stop spreading lies you sack of shit!!!

Sammy Sam says:

Gets handsy in photo op lines? How about gets handsy with young girls in photo ops?

Movie Jimmy 777 says:

Biden said there's so much opportunity..yeah, we know the "opportunity" he's talking about, and not just his creepy groping of kids in the W.H. when he vp, but also because of his "pro-globalist" open borders stance with an "unrelenting stream of immigration – non-stop" in 2017 and beyond. Biden really cares about the "fabric of this country". This C-Span video from September 2016 was highly disturbing and very telling; especially because he believed Hillary was going to win the election. Please keep this video in mind if pervert Biden does decide to make a run in 2020. Share it with everyone you know, because not enough people have seen this, and I am quite sure the MSM will never touch this clip. It even has that creepy leftist line: "diversity is our greatest strength" that all of these open border globalists repeat all the time in speeches.

Kim Anh Tran says:

Biden is the one like to moles children! The ugly guy in this country!

P Pipe says:

Either Dana Perino or Juan Williams need to go. One Liberal on the panel is enough.

Too Bad says:

DemonRats that’s all they know is smear campaigning ….period

Tim Taylor says:

It's funny to that none of Trumps so called misdealings came out until before the election, with Moore this allegation it didn't come out until before the election.. This woman waited for 40 years to bring this out, until an election that Moore enters the Senate and the Democrats and Rhinos have lost any chance to grab the seat from Moore. If I was Moore If I wasn't guilty I would not give up my seat for any reason at all..

Rex Racer says:

The then "14 year old" accuser has also accused 3 different Pastors of sexual harressment. She is a 3 time divorced woman with major money problems. the other women accusers have ties to Biden-Clinton, Democrats… So this is BULL$HlT.
Where and how did the Washington Post "find" them??? How much was paid and by whom??

Paula Latino says:


smokenbudesq says:

Never mind the false allegations when you should be looking into the allegations for consequence not the false see how this works ?

Eduard Vjeko says:

Biden is a tool

Doug Clark says:

The woman speaks up about Moore 38 years later right before an election? Creepy Uncle Joe Biden caught on camera over and over fondling little girls and thinks he should be President? Moore should sue the woman for slander and Creepy Joe should go away.

Jack Scarpon says:


Daz Guilbert says:

Gregg. You need to take a holiday. A month or two

Bernard Chance says:

Happen to her when she was 14, now she's 53,LOL!! Great timing getting that out there lol. Destroy a person life, and bring a law suit, will probably add some excitement in your life. SAD TIMES AMERICA!!

Bill Jones says:

Way down south they say ''Old enough to bleed ,Old enough to breed '' The guy probably did try to put the move on her ! Heck many got married at that age , Jerry Lee Lewis wife was 13, Elvis was hitting on 14 yr old Priscilla , the list goes on & on

good goat says:

Biden? The man who locked himself inside of his limo? twice? He is simply too dumb!

Jerry Foth says:

Ignore the Swamp Creatures who are lying. Elect Roy Moore.

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