The Five Fox News 11/9/17 | Fox News Today November 9, 2017

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The Five Fox News 11/9/17 | Fox News Today November 9, 2017
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keith strickland says:

this is horrible…. can't watch this anymore.  total idiots tonight.

keith strickland says:

it really takes this black chick to bring to light that Clinton was a crook. Both were crooks.  I'm embarrassed that "the Five" were even semi-positive about that topic…..  sad and sort of politically correct….

George Veghte says:

All These Democratic Leftists Libtard's !! Truly Need To Be Committed' Into A Mental Institution Or At Least Some Sort Of Behavior Health Program' These Dysfunctional Abnormal Mental Illness Must Be Treated' As Such. Our Nation Must Be United, All These Mentally Challenged' Individuals That Are Incapable Of Moving Forward Must Either Get Straight Or Be Removed From Population, They' Many Of Them, Are Lost And Need Serious Professional Care, All The Violent Ones' Must Be, Now Permanently Incarcerated.

samson david says:

We the people should and will get the tax cut we want without compromise. Have you forgotten that we are the government and final authority.

Rob Margolin says:


7 of trump's golf courses have been funded by a Russian Bank but he never heard or met with anyone from Russia Well how did he get those loans? Does anyone believe this orange butt head bullsh=t artist

Candy Vanpelt says:

The Senate can't r en agree on what to eat at a free lunch.

William Price says:

That military superintendent should be removed from his responsibility pending an investigation. How does this guy get off subjecting his charges to that harangue before he gets the facts. Kick his butt out, he's obviously an incompetent promoted by the PC leadership in the Air Force. This is what's wrong in our military.

Candy Vanpelt says:

What a bunch of fools no wonder they lost yelled their brains out.

tom mabry says:

bunch of idiots…….. WTF….Its really sad…….

Leslie Heine says:

Between the failure of the healthcare repeal and replace Bill and this miserable tax bill, Trump and the Republicans are gonna lose a lot of their base. To bad too, because the 2020 presidential election, will go back to the Dems and liberals. To bad for the country.

William Price says:

Democratic desperation and the never Trumpers = Fake News. Innocent until proven guilty! Dana of course sides with the neo-con, Mitch our illustrious senate "leader". McCain's condemnation is a virtual endorsement for a real Republicans candidate Thanks John… Juan, the lefty is always predictable… I'd vote for More at least he's not Strange…

Leslie Heine says:

Neanderthals, howling at the moon. Everytime liberals do this kind of stuff, it pushing them further and further into extinction. Hooray for them!

Abi says:

Stop messing with the video

Piano Lady says:

That sure is a coincidence … four women all coming out now and accusing Roy Moore of assaulting them 40 years ago … what are the odds.

ministahprime says:

So why the hell would a group of women make allegations about someone 30 something years after the fact and during a political campaign? I mean why didn't they come forward when he was running for judge? or any other time besides now?

KiltUrAzz says:

What is up with you fucking with the screen all the time? Do you NOT want us to watch your vids or what?

Geno Porreca says:

Crooked Hillary is Q fucking scumbag criminal. Cunt.

Dallan Tennant says:

All those states that did win were solid blue states across so it's not that big of a surprise

tennwalt says:

Donna Brasile is a two-faced lying POS and it sickens my stomach to hear these bitches hold her up like shes a candle in the wind!

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