The Ingraham Angle 11/8/17 | Fox News Today November 8, 2017

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The Ingraham Angle 11/8/17 | Fox News Today November 8, 2017
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MrBeatrixKiddo says:

nice to finally get a real conservative broad's perspective on TV. keep it up !

scott 72 says:

A tranny on fox news???….How did that happen?

G Parks says:

Notice that right-wing women are pretty, many beautiful, where leftist broads are ugly and disgusting?

Martin Sage says:

You guys are Soooo Right. Pres.Trump has to DELIVER what he promised. Health Care reform, Tax Reform, Trade Balance and The Wall. If he fails then Americans will vote him OUT. I have Faith he Will Succeed! Come on Americans lets get behind Our President.

bilboman1 says:

Thank you Kellyanne! Thank you for your part in saving America!

stevie Flax says:

People voted for Trump for many reasons , but one of big reasons is the Deportation of illegal aliens. Americans were tired of having their wages stagnate for the last thirty years, tired employers hiring illegals for lower wages. Tired of having to pay illegal alien's medical care, food stamps, housing and utilities subsidies. Tired of their children getting poor schooling , due to over crowded classrooms and teachers having to teach bilingually . Tired of school taxes going up to teach illegals. Tired of the Prison cost due to criminals that shouldn't be here in the first place, filling up the jails and prisons. Tired oTf paying extra auto insurance costs , due the fact so many illegals driving on our roads without insurance or any kind of documentation. People losing their lives or suffering injuries , from illegals both sober or drunk behind the wheel and crashing into them, thus ruining their LIVES. I'm sure there are many more reasons why Americans want illegals deported, SO MANY ! If Trump deports the non doca illegals , he will win re-election easily. If not he may have to run against someone , who promises to do a better job at deporting illegals, which will entice a huge % of core supporters. The illegals aliens here are still a huge problem that needs to be dealt with, it would be nice to see some progress soon.

Richard Fysh says:

Laura you are amazing. Your show is soon to be number one!

Lindamae Horton says:

Help, does anyone remember the guest who wrote the WW1 book, he was on Laura's show on the 8th. Thanks

nty grty says:

john roberts has clint eastwood eyes

Russian Troll says:

VA and NJ was in no way a defeat for the GOP and anyone who claims it is either a liar or delusional. Stop clinging to these false polls, the same polls showing Hillary having a 99% chance of winning.

James Bryson says:

President Trump is a Ferrari with multiple congressional flat tires.

Time to get functional or resign…we have a MAGA leader.

Pól Ó Conchúir says:

DT is embarrassing the life out of the Chinese lad…….

James Bryson says:

Laura is spot on about transitioning to "enthusiasm-optimism" vs. anger.

HOWEVER, the toxic cabal (VFN-MSM, professional Washingtonians, elitist politicos of both parties) needs to quit urinating in the national punch bowl (pardon the clarity of my symbolism).

digitalian says:

Manchurian corporate leadership and American corporate leadership both nations fought the British corporatocracy when they were infant nations … that's really historic.

digitalian says:

see Trump looks good with the latest superpowers … that's not bad or anything.

digitalian says:

the intent was health purposes strickly … people would gladly participate … it's not new [eugenics]. So the politicians should know what to do with themselves for the sake of our blessed country and planet. The human race has battled with this for literally ages … we will make it. You don't let others tell you what to do when your the leader of others … don't get it ! see ya, thats all … simple.

digitalian says:

remember eugenics is an American game … remember …

digitalian says:

these new leaders care gonna have to be vetted …

Turtle McConnell says:

MAGA believers please watch this:

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