Travis Scott – Goosebumps (1Xtra Live 2017)

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Travis Scott performs Goosebumps at 1Xtra Live 2017. Guidance: Contains Flashing Images. Visit the 1Xtra Live 2017 website for more videos and photos


BarBoy™ says:

I'm getting goosebumps just by watching this horrific scene, it's so FUCKING BAAADDDD


I‘m getting tired of Birds…

Miles Ndoro says:

Mosh pit gang where you at?

Deividas J says:

What a nite oh myyyyy

XGN JS says:

Why does he sound like steven hawking in person

We The Best says:

Why is he going ape shit? It's not even that kinda vibe

James Lillywhite says:

It was dead because half the crowd were teenage white girls who just would be dead for travis because its not Dua Lipa or some other shit like that.

Hey Amigo says:

This performance is ruined by the over the top auto tune!!

Rich Texas says:

The uk Is tooo lit right now, fuck brexit, fuck Theresa may, Fuk David Cameron

ian [Manger Dormir Cuire] says:

The unnecessary request for the clapping of the hands felt so forced and awkward like it was some kind of hypnosis to put them (audience) into a trance lol.

TVsez says:

This sounded and looked DEAD!

good_stuff says:

Travis + british energy is soo fucking ideal

Beat God says:

This Nigga stays lit

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