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Get Ready For Digital Information Overload!

Some Visual Images Curtesy Of Various Artist Hosted By Videvo


blazebla blah says:

Love you bro. I'm glad to see your behind the movement. I thought you stopped supporting Trump since he bombed Syria. I believe on line alternative media is really destroying the regressive left even with the young people. I pray Roy Moore is vindicated and we keep pushing forward.

tennwalt says:

Its like absolutely nobody cares about the children anymore, not the government, not the locals, not the churches… nobody. Its reported 1/3rd of government are satanic pedophiles, Jewish run Hollywood are all pedophiles, Entire royal family are satanic reptilian murdering pedophiles, all the alphabet agencies are child traffickers/pedophiles, probably every billionaire are pedophiles because nobody with any real clout have ever funded anything to expose this demonic obsession. I want to hang them all in public and broadcast it worldwide.

Badboyteddybear says:

Fox is full of anti Trump thats why they are pushing the narrative

A Brorges says:

Normal resides right of the center.

Joy Gallaher says:

Ted Gunderson, FBI

Moo Cow says:

Nice to hear you speaking again Joe, also class act on the other intros starting with the boy playing the piano, cheers-Dave

Joy Gallaher says:

I heard Louie CK joke about raping a dead kid. The room broke out in laughter. HERE"S YOUR SIGN!!! Society has gone to hell. We have to have death penalty. What good is it going to do if they stay in jail for a couple of years, then GET OUT? Swamp creatures are terrified of Roy Moore!!! Indictments going down this week!!! Buckle up your seat belts.

Michael DeSilvio says:

Luciferian pedophile sodomites mean to do harm to anyone who disagrees with their stinking ideals? We are probably going to have a hard time finding a police officer willing to arrest these wretched ex presidents and wretched ex first ladys? I recently printed a list of vaccine ingredients from the CDC website. I would encourage everyone to print a copy of that list. These vaccine ingredients are formaldehyde, lead, mercury, human fetal cells, monkey cum and cow shit! The CDC, WHO, Bill Gates and all of these wretched quack doctors and nurses need to be convicted of crimes against humanity and executed by lethal injection! Baracka Hussein was a ridiculous unvetted crack smoking homosexual muslim terrorist with a ugly transgendered turd burglar gargoyle for a wife, and IT murdered Joan Rivers! The Franklin cover up and pizza gate are the same old story of luciferian pedophile sodomites in Washington D.C.

eddie bagodonuts says:

I hate to say but I hope this is true and they all get hanged, I hate it because children were hurt in the making of all of this smh

Zenith Stratosphere says:

Great work by Joe Wayne.  Keep up the good work!

sentforth5 says:

Thank you, Joseph my broseph

Wisest Wan says:

Love your intro.

Niki Ballou says:

A thing that makes me go hmm…..Obama's daughter worked for Weinstein… Do you think maybe something happened? Do you think he played with the wrong one?

Keith Godown says:

Done with all MSM

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