Trump changes tone on China and trade

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President Trump said while in China that he doesn’t “blame” the country for taking advantage of the U.S. in the past and instead placed blame on “past [U.S.] administrations.”


ususopen says:

Fake fake fake. He never changed his position. Of course the Obama/bush/Clinton are the ones to be blamed.

b ss says:

Can someone please ask Dump to raise Jeffery Dalmer from the dead and appoint him head of the food and drug administration.

kou kou says:

The main medias in US are even worst than CCTV in my country of China…disgusting.

dum trum says:

and donald openly praises the foreign countries to take advantage of his own country USA. that is middle class jobs loss. instead he blames his fellow American Presidents. this guy donald has no shame. he should be trial in treason.

Rocky Rockwell says:

No, he is trying to change his tone. Why, because the trade deal is still going forward without America. It just means we lose and chine is going to lead the world and we become a third world country. I mean if you do not want to be part of the world economy., then you become a third world country

Mars Hall says:


taco fan says:

5 usa = china

barbarbarbar2 says:

Hahahahaha finally Trump is made humble and swalled his own words. He sounds like a loser in front of China.

black hk hong kong says:

the corruptive government of hong kong.不合法的 2017 年 香港行政長官 – 落台吧.
香港 20年 的貪腐 – 延續貪腐政權 – 打殘新一代青年,
香港人 要追回 萬億 貪腐基建公帑
瑞士 全球最長/最深的鐵路隧道 – 16 億 (1 公里)
香港 將軍澳 – 藍田隧道 3.8公里 , 造價 151 億      – 39 億 (1 公里)

john jackson says:

the only time i agree with trump, keep business going, business is business

D Me says:

Flip-flopping ass kisser.

Top Rock says:

Trump shed his skin live on TV for the whole world to see what a reptile looks like live….what a two face con LOL

Fangbo Zheng says:

It's not objective..

c0570 cm says:

Trade between the two countries is mutually beneficial, Chinese get jobs and able to accumulate wealth, Americans get good products at lower cost. The price of small commodities and home appliances are going to at least double if they are produced in California instead of China. So NO one is taking advantage of anyone else.

jianwei wang says:


Big Wasabi says:

Der er i ingen der hører efter.

piyutchai rakngam says:

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Oliver Hsu says:

Fake News indeed!

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