Trump sends strong message to North Korea during Asia trip

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Fox News contributors Marc Thiessen and Lt. Col. Michael Waltz react on ‘The Story.’


Joel2010Dmax says:

“Hugely” hahahahahaha!

Judy Erickson says:

What an incredibly telling statement by the kju – he knows deep down inside that HE IS THE "MENTALLY DERANGED LUNATIC THAT NEEDS TO BE OUSTED BY HIS PEOPLE IF THEY WANT TO SURVIVE. NK – remove the lunatic boy from power before it's too late.

forever says:

Nah you pedophiles are going down.

Laura Churchill says:

trumps speech means nothing to North Korea. trump is just a bully.

hs B says:

Deprive U.S citizenship and Green card of Pro North Korea

Healing Dog says:

Team America: The world police.

Trump, the Dick
Left, the pu$$y
Kim, the a$$hole.

Well it’s just a puppet show.

Eduardo Müller says:

You have so many luck to have the fox news, here in Brasil all the media is a kind of CNN.

TheLiquidPhantom says:

Oh yeah, Trump doesn't fuck around.

Manny wit dat hoodie says:

dont try the usa they the #1 in the world

J M says:

Pacific Island creations and invasions, intellectual property theft, internet censorship and media propaganda, currency manipulations, North Korea missile assists, Pakistan missile assists, border disputes with India, intimidation of Tibet, intimidation of Hong Kong, intimidation of Macau, intimidation of Taiwan…. these Chinese are on a roll. Spring roll or egg roll I'm not sure yet but China is on the move and we need a plan to contain them. Not because America has to be #1, but because we can't let a substandard-flawed-ideology-regime become the preeminent world power. China will not take on the tough fight and lead the world against terrorism and corruption and recycling and human rights…. that is why China and Russia will never be #1. Lack of fundamental values-morals-ethics in their regimes. No matter how much the Russian and Chinese and Pakistan and North Korean and Cuban and Iranian and Syrian and Venezuelan trolls on the internet push their hatred on America, we will continue to lead the world through another 100 years with our financial accomplishments, technological accomplishments, military accomplishments, cultural accomplishments, scholastic accomplishments, humanitarian accomplishments, medical accomplishments, and so on and so forth. The Rise of China. The Fall of China. Gravity.

anonwoohoo says:

I heard someone say this was a speech Obama would have given. What a load of shit, that pussy never stood up for the US.

Pete Graffunder says:

Greatest American President EVER!

Zep Tepi says:

Trumpee grabee Asian pussy long time!

David Farrar says:

I realize, of course, the devil is in the details, and those details may well prove dispositive, but in principle, here's the plan. Kim Jong-Un will keep a nuclear arsenal of a limited number and range, as will South Korea. On this basis, the U.S. will leave the region after unification?

Shawn Gallagher says:

Trump blinked first,went from Rocketman to 'hope they'll come to the table',another Trump failure

afrose71 says:

Drumpf's KFC/Taco Bell farts are stronger than any speech he's ever made — and probably more honest.

dAn says:

Do you like someone come to your streets and test fire their guns? This lunatic has to be incarcerated. Recklessness is endangering life.

LIKED says:

Trump 2020 🙂

Elvis is still the King says:

Marc Thiessen basically advised unprovoked war. And the other ass hole agreed.

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