Tucker Carlson Humiliates Environmental Defense Fund President For Stonewalling

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Tucker Carlson Humiliates Environmental Defense Fund President For Stonewalling… 12 / 14 / 2016


m beginization says:

Tillerson was a big mistake as sec of state

aerlial360 says:

I love to watch Tucker throttle these leftists and expose them for what they are. In the truest sense, they are indoctrinators of the entire spectrum of left-wing liberal ideology. Weak, emasculated men (beta-males) and angry, bitter feminists and dykes, swallow every word.

Handy Capo says:

Anyone Named Friedrich Karl Hieronimus Krupp, should not be an environmentalist. He is not.

Mike M says:

this guy is a FOOL!

Jeremy Smith says:

is this mr rogers

Screw__isis says:

"A scientific theory can never be proven true nor can it be proven false" – Steven Hawking

Ronald Cossin says:

And like the Bush's did not go after the Oil Fields of Iraq and Kuwait …

fatyowls says:

Humans have been involved in heavy industry for around 200 years, plus the overwhelming population of farms and the animals they support.
It's scientific fact that farm animals produce methane that has an effect on the ozone layer, but what I don't believe is that only human interference is solely to blame. Climate change has and will always be a natural occurrence, and its something we have to get used to..

David Westhoff says:

what a dishonest creep!

Frank Terronez says:

Tucker always good to view ur program two thumbs and two big toes up


He IS A LIER THE SCIENCE IS NOT FACT. THE SCIENCE HE LIKES IS A LIE . Should have ask him who he gets funding from.


I bet you this piece of shit has done nothing to stop toxic vaccinations forced into our children.

Joe Boda says:

that guy has no evidence.men make mistakes and computers are made by man,my evidence is entered

Melchizedek1818 says:

I Love you Tucker, fair and reasonable questions! This is just what Science should be about, to be open-minded asking questions and never ever to take at a certain time given consensus and Scientific axioms for granted!

Jurmalafi Xo says:

I am quite certain the Environmental Defense Fund doesn't put the "people" first in their policies either.

Mark Hawse says:

I'm not even a climate scientist, and yet I know some pretty basic "numbers" about the subject, like that our atmosphere is 75% nitrogen 20% oxygen and about 5% CO2 and other gases. It's strange that this "scientist" cant even answer Tucker's request for the % of global warming (which is less than 2 degrees over the last century) that is due to human activity. Seems pretty fishy to me that he's not even willing to cite a ball-park figure.

James Berlo says:

I remember as a Kid in school in the 70's they told us bt 2000 the Northeast will be in permanent Winter.

MeBituman says:

Is Global warming a science. No its a theory thats when science takes over. Its never settled.

Adam Mcgrath says:

we have so much oil in this country, we could be self sustaining in regards to energy if we just had access to it. the EPA is just a political tool and regulations that they impose are what stops us from using our own products.

Random Stranger Online says:

that guy was pretty fair, sometimes Tucker tries too hard

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