Tucker Carlson Tonight 11/8/17 | Fox News Today November 8, 2017

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Tucker Carlson Tonight 11/8/17 | Fox News Today November 8, 2017
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David Barton says:

I fucking hate this nigga he's the most racist and anti American piece of shit!!!! Leave if you don't like stop trying to change shit that you cuz you don't like it

stulego1 says:

dude that story at the end lawlz man-Tucker keep doing you man.

TheSommersonnenwende says:

Why do black people not get wrinkles?

Tim Cavender says:

Too much schmoozing, you and me crap on this interview. FAIL Tucker.

John Dunn says:

hillery has got to go. she is almost as tainted as trump and his russian supporters.

schwill81 says:

Wow these left wing people just sound like crybaby pussies! Everything sounds like a 5 year crying…

Bunglebush Bunglebush says:

Could it be that people don’t like you because you are a cheating liar? Not because you are a woman? Just saying….

Lenny Leonardson says:

She's a chronic libsplainer. #libsplaining.

William Money says:

Buy my book…blah blah…It's in the book…blah blah…

rob greene says:

And one year later? A disaster Poor leadership, ignorance, corruption on and on

Anna in Vermont U.S.A says:

"CHANNEL MICHEAL" WTF.. Michele Obama DESTROYED the educational system. SHE had KIDS going HOME HUNGRY.. Because she wanted them to EAT SUSHI for LUNCH.. Devastated the BUDGETS of many many SCHOOL DISTRICTS.. Michelle Obama is SHIT.

Anna in Vermont U.S.A says:

THANK GOD… Trump WON!!! WE Americans are PROUD of OUR President.

Anna in Vermont U.S.A says:

SHE KNOWS,,People are GOING TO PRISON.The woman is doing what women do BEST. Covering her own ASS… Shes using the fact "SHES BLACK" as the reason we should believe her. MY Experience..Humm Do NOT BELIEVE THIS CHEAT. Take the MONEY and give it to family living in there car. IN AMERICA.
These Idiots (Clinton/DNC/This BLACK woman) cheated EVERYONE OUT OF A FAIR ELECTION. Bottom LINE. She is scared because she has BROKE THE LAW.

Anna in Vermont U.S.A says:

The" National Anthem" is a GIFT, and chance to THANK the Men and Women who have DIED or been injured. SO WE ALL could LIVE FREE. The National Anthem is a REPRESENTATION of AMERICA. For Our Soldier's who have DIED. Americans FIGHT for there FREEDOM. "You forget History, you WILL repeat it". Dont let the BLACK people take OUR National Anthem AWAY.
Until,,,,, YOU ,,,have sacrificed yourself/anything, to HELP YOUR COUNTRY.PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP.

keith strickland says:

fuck her…  she is part of what is wrong with the USA today.

Antonin Scalia says:

Donna Brazille is guilty of Sedition Conspiracy, U.S. Code 18, Sub-Sec. 2384. So is any Rhodes Scholar that is an American Citizen, such as Rachael Maddow, or Bill Clinton. Rope in all those who ADHERE TO a Traitor? And it's obvious that as Scalia wrote that the CITIZEN HAS RAND JURY in times of Declared War, this Adherence to a Traitor like Clinton would ..eh

Antonin Scalia says:

American Pledge of Allegiance and Puerto Rico National Anthem both Eisenhower Mandates. National Anthem o America was written by a prisoner of the British Armada Bombing an American Fort. The Writer watched, and prayed, and over 200 men died propping up out Flag. This is not just a Patriotic Ideal, it had a lot to do with Admiralty Law, and Winning.

Marian Cooper says:

You see, NO matter what nasty, underhanded, wicked thing all these rotten souls did to keep Donald J Trump from being President was for NOTHING! WHY was that? Because GOD said HE sets up who HE chooses to be Presidents and Kings, etc., God has a plan for President Trump! Just try to stop HIM!!!!

EclecticFortune2 says:

IMO, she comes across like she's disagrees of her own book.

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