Tucker Carlson Tonight 11/9/17 | Fox News November 9, 2017

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Tucker Carlson Tonight 11/9/17 | Fox News November 9, 2017
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Brown Cow says:

NEVER subscribed to ANY social media. Not looking for you, don't look for me.

Thunkful2 says:

100's of millions? or billions? & what became of the $ — did it mostly to to lawyers?

Long Live NRA says:

Carlson, lay off the crack pipe.

MrTweetyhack says:

There's a massive difference between what you put into your body vs what you use for entertainment. You could argue the NFL is addictive or watching TV is addictive..

MrTweetyhack says:

Money is also addictive

babbs777 says:

Yeah Facebook is a scourge but yet Twitter is not huh? Not to mention a certain 71 year old teenager in chief who exploits 140 characters to vent what ever has his panties in a wad at the time.

Bass Ackwards says:

I dont have a social media thing, I never will have one. I actually have a life, I like to move, use my brain, enjoy life without waking up one day to old to walk outside. These people must be that unsecure. It is sad.

Gavin Jones says:

Nah matey I don't like cheetos that's fake news

Gavin Jones says:

Fuck off Gavin! No you fuck off cunt!

RatchetandSly says:

Eh, I love Tucker Carlson, but his argument is kinda foolish here. The reason social media is so mentally damaging is because of people being friends online with people who are dicks. Teens are mean to one another in general, let alone when there's no face to face interaction. You can't blame Facebook for its toxic users. And if a product grabs it's user, then it's a good product. It being addictive is due to intelligent design. Comparing that to the health effects of cigarettes is stupid. Cigarettes literally contain a chemical that's highly addictive. Facebook is just designed to be Incredibly appealing to the mind. Not the same thing at all.

Carolyn Peca says:

I believe this is true with regards to children. Why is it that creators of Apple, Microsoft and others in this field do not allow their children to own iPads, iPhones, etc., and restrict their usage of computers. Almost anything can be abused and too many parents use the technology as a babysitter or pacifier. That’s where parents need to take the responsibility.

Blutteufel says:

Democrats can't even take a shit without breaking a law these days….

chrisx2k6 says:

It's a private company and you people are a bunch of haters. Lol. No better than the libtards.

Billiam Pappin says:

Lol FUCK Carlson, a human being you just KNOW has never been socked in the face…

Thomas lang says:

FaceBook is Dumb. FaceBook is for losers. FaceBook is an NSA/CIA data mining program to get Americans to give them all the information They would need a search warrant from a judge to get without your authorization.

Bill King says:

Parker was obviously speaking tongue-in-cheek. Seriously reporting Facebook-use as an "addiction" comparable to nicotine lowers the credibility of Fox News and Tucker Carlson. I'm a Fox fan but this was a silly broadcast.

Emileewootenful says:

Disappointed in Tucker's stance. It's all about personal responsibility. Parental responsibility.

Dash LaLonde says:

It is called morality. You can't outlaw ingenuity, but you can control societal norms.

Hobo Sermons says:

Tucker laying it down on some shill!!!

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