Why you’re addicted to your smartphone (Marketplace)

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Are you addicted to your smartphone? Companies are using science and artificial intelligence to keep you hooked, but tech insiders reveal how you can curb the urge to constantly stay connected.
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Curator says:

20 years ago my life was great with no tech.
10 years ago my life was great with a flip phone and laptop.
That's where tech stopped for me. NO SMARTPHONE – NO ADDICTION.

hbarudi says:

My comment: I am more addicted to my laptop than those phones and tablets, but it is the same situation.
Though I do like to sleep well and I like to get around usually to the university I am studying at. While youtube is the social media I use, I avoid facebook, twitter, snapchat, and many others like the cyber-plague. I don't know the number of hours I spend on my laptop right away, but I think it is a lot, as I do research the internet about so many different topics. I do think that once I graduate and have a job, that I can possibly lower the number of hours I spend on my laptop by a small amount though.

Fukai Kokoro says:

People need to step up and actually parent,stop throwing tablets and phones at your kids. Phones are pacifying people to not care about real world issues. Stop enjoying moments.Like concerts,nature etc…….People stop enjoying real life. Its funny that people think smart phones make them more productive when in reality it makes them much less productive,

Fukai Kokoro says:

Alcohol addiction is less dangerous at this point in time, because at least we have laws preventing people from driving under the influence, no one throws a fit about DUI laws acting like they are horrible.No we have DUI laws to prevent us from serious harm or murder. Yet when laws preventing people from using their phones everyone gets angry and thinks its absurd. We should penalize car manufacturers for putting devices built inside the car,and require them to stop manufacturing built in tablets and a device thatll shut down your technology until your cars engine is shut off and stopped. People think that hands free and built in technology is safe,because why would they manufacture cars with these devices if they where dangerous? People are too trusting of car manufactures. Its NOT the device that matters its how it EFFECTS your brain when driving, hand free and Bluetooth is equal to that of hand held texting while driving..Its safer to drink and drive.

IgnacioAgramonte says:

END OF THE WORLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Neo C says:

We had to literally stop someone from walking in front of a bus at an intersection in Brisbane once as they were too busy on their phone. There is more to life than likes and such.

Mike Hawk says:

I lost some IQ points just watching this.

Slodin says:

I feel like an old man among others around the same age but I'm only in my mid 20s…I don't do any of those…Only a few friends of mine don't extensively use their mobile devices, the common thing we share is probably we all don't have social media or barely ever use them. The ironic part is I'm a software engineer currently working on mobile development…

Firox says:

interesting video
I guess I'm addicted to mah phone as well
Discord and Tapatalk get me the most – even spent an entire green light cycle reading some comments on Discord

I even need my phone for work, it uses an App, so I can't leave my phone at home while working

IamIUareU says:

i have smartphone for more than 8 years, and i waste max 15 minutes per day on it mostly watching youtube while shitting 🙂 thats what i am doing at this moment…

Dylan Ch'ng says:

i switched to a flip phone because i was so addicted

Rob V says:

I'm watching this on my phone. Is that bad?

Bullminator says:

I hate using a phone. Dont even know how to install a app and i dont even want to learn it, because i dont care.
It just fells like it tooks away your free time. If a person wants to interact with me, come to be personaly.

MJ D says:

All apple devices? I can't find Moment on Android store

Abdihalim Salad says:

No devices for my future kids for the first several yrs and restrictions when i do finally let them use it. So many kids are addicted nowadays

Debbie Mason says:


GTA VI says:

No one noticed maa boyy Joe Richard at 2:07

anmo Gill says:

What's some of the solutions guys?

Alex Wright says:

How ironic. Im watching this on my phone while making breakfast in the morning.

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