As The Party Winds Down Judge Jeanine Ask Ann Coulter Is It Dangerous To Be A Trump Supporter?

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As The Party Winds Down Judge Jeanine Ask Ann Coulter Is It Dangerous To Be A Trump Supporter?

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Keith Godown says:

You guys cant wait 40 seconds to watch the video? Just skip past it of its an issue. Needless bitching, cucks

pjbikerful says:

We need to Declare the Democrat party a Terrorist Organization

Anna W says:

Where I work, I could face violence. I DO not want to find out. So what do i do? Remain QUIET OR BE CALLED A NAZI.
It is called intimidation. What could happen? Hardcore leftists can be brutal. They can make up lies about you, give you a hard time, negative work evaluation, and OMG….call you a racists. So does this explain things? If a person feels fear, there is a reason. Pretty sad when you can't speak up without being retaliated against. Bullying, they get away with it, it's working. Liberal workplaces= NO FREE SPEECH, FACT. Only for some!!
Only for some. Wickedness.

John Rider says:

So when will the right stand up??? It would only take a matter of hours to take these thugs to the woods shed and put them away for good. And the reason we are seeing more of it is that nothing is being done about it. And the demons are loose.

Michael DeSilvio says:

Two very intelligent and beautiful ladies. This is what a feminist should aspire to look like.

Sky Captain says:

Why so black people have blue gums?

nucleargator says:

What's the song at the end?

Jeff Strange says:

You got that right Ann…'s a CIVIL WAR ! The Elitist are drying up the wealth too !

Satya Vaswani says:

That intro is costing you views

Slowpoke says:

Like the new intro Joe w

SoundProdigy says:

40 second intro is unnecessary

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