Breitbart Dismisses Roy Moore’s Sexual Predatory Behavior As “Romantic”

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A bombshell was dropped on Thursday when the Washington Post reported that former Alabama Supreme Court Justice and current Senate candidate Roy Moore pursued a relationship with a 14-year-old girl when he was in his 30’s. Breitbart quickly came to Moore’s defense, categorizing this incident and others that have come to light as “romantic”. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

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Nymeria Wolf says:

You mean like Bill Clinton? Lol. You Libs would never prosecute him for his rapes!

Clubland Exrcixe says:

Democrats denounce and ARREST their Sexual predatory Perverts and pedophiles : Weiner (serving 18 months) and Wienstein crashing down. Hypocritical "family values" pig Republicans welcome, fund, support, and ELECT their sexual Predatory perverts and pedophiles — Trump and Moore

Frank Winkhorst says:

Much as I find Roy Moore disgusting, there are some serious misstatements in this video. A little less hyperbolic and a little more factual would be nice.

Clinton Gray says:

Roy Moore: I like 14 yr olds Republicans wanna date my princess…

Crystal Giddens says:

Heterosexuality is not a crime. 32 is not that old and 18 is not that young. When it comes to sex the left preaches live and let live. Not so with heterosexual behavior. Normal is forbidden. News flash! Most men find young women attractive and visa versa! Legal is all that matters. Save your self riotous indignation for transvestites taking over our schools. Now that is a problem! Perverts!

Natalie For Justice says:

Dems are so scared of losing again. They are willing to stoop to their Sexual missconduct favorite tactic. Guess what morons? We the voters arent buying your FAKE NEWS!!!!! This is man of integrity with a long record of bringing criminals to justice and jailing scum. He will get elected with a conservative MAJORITY VOTE . You have NO CREDIBILITY

Judith Osorio says:

The far right, White Nationalist, Conservative values are an abomination to God.

wandering spirit says:

This story reminds me of all of the perverted liberals in Hollywood like Harvey Weinstein that are being exposed. Other than Roy Moore, have you noticed ALL of these perverts being accused are ALL DEMOCRATS? All of them. Reminds me of the liberal perverse activities of the Barney Franks, Elliot Spitzer's, Anthony Weiner's and Bill Clinton's of the political world.

sailormanariel says:

I bet he tempted her with a Cabbage Patch Doll. Sicko.

Poetry? Well I guess Green Eggs and Ham is kinda romantic.

Tracy Nelson says:

But but I thought that the GOP was supposed to have high morals LOL they are all a bunch of sickos and the christian right what a damn joke LOL

Frances Jelinske says:

Typical of pedophiles

Dominick Palella says:

Roy Moore had every right to pursue, date or marry a 14 year old in Alabama at the time, but not assault one. Today, he is limited to dating children at least 16 years old.

DeeEll86442 says:

I heard a Roy Moore supporter say that she was voting for him because she liked his religious values. That had to be the stupidest thing I've ever heard. The fact that Steve Bannon aka "Satan" endorses Moore should tell you everything. I've been telling these religious supporters that they obviously don't really read their Bibles, because if they did they would realize they are being tricked by the devil. I'm no longer a religious person for that very reason. All Bibles are vague and the words can be twisted to the advantage of evil people like Trump, Bannon, Moore, and anyone else that wishes to use religion to deceive believers in God. Please people, open your eyes and don't listen or believe in these false prophets like Trump and his people. They are deceiving you and using the word or God to do it. This is why we have had so many natural disasters. This is Gods way of telling you fools NOT TO BELIEVE in these false prophets.

Michael Walker says:

Actual people on the Fox News comment section commenting on this story:
Jack MeOff said: "Decades ago. Come on people get real." 22 likes


Suzie Q said: "My judgement is….I don't care! We need get these traitor RINOs out. Hell even Chucky isn't as corrupt as McCain and the other lefty RINOs."

monkeygraborange said:
"This is a witch hunt, plain and simple. Tomorrow another republican will be accused of something, and again the day after that, and the day after that,."
Common sense is not so common after all…

james holmes says:

By definition petifilia = demicrate

Dee Wells says:

I suspect Moore may have broken the law in some cases without breaking social norms. Those of us around at that time might recall weddings where the groom was in his 30's and the bride (pregnant?) only recently turned 18 and all 4 parents were present and sat at a table together having friendly discussions during the reception. No one said a word about what happened between the time they met and the wedding. I know of such a Mormon wedding at a Mormon church sometime around 2005. There were no police complaints.

Louis Murphy says:

Republican Christians As Phoney & Hypocritical As A Three American Petro-Dollars.

James Cronin says:

Kinda reminds me of Donald Trump. Republican baby raper hypocrites.

deathgirl71 says:

as much as moore overcompensates about hating gays, i fully expected him to get caught with another guy. but this is almost as good.

MR MIKE says:

lets see he is a good man wears ( coeboy hat ) (cowboy boots ) and feels up young girls read the good book ( bible ) ok and if he did touch the girls break his head wide open with a ball bat and leave the good book next to him and pour battery acid in his mouth

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