CNN Early Start BREAKING NEWS 11/13/17| Human Rights Raised ‘Briefly’ as Trump Meets Duterte

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It was a brief preview of talks to come Monday, but one all eyes were on. U.S. President Donald Trump met with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte at an economic summit here, leaving unanswered questions about whether he’d bring up human rights vi..lations. After the meeting, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said “human rights briefly came up in the context of the Philippines’ fight against illegal drugs.” I..S and trade were also discussed, she said. Duterte, for his part, chided reporters for shouting questions during a brief availability, saying it was a bilateral meeting, not a news statement — but leaving the door open to a news conference afterward. Last week, Duterte said he would tell Trump to “lay off” if he raised the issue of human rights.


Joe Johnson says:

CNN = Very Fake News!

eli dakate says:

Brennan is a muslim spy that infiltrated our govt by Obama the Muslim and Killary the treasonous lover of her Muslim Brotherhood sex jihadi Huma.  Lock them all up

RC Hobbyist Extreme says:


Emilyn Emphasis says:

Philippine President isn't practicing EJK, you guys are always raising that issue as if its the truth but i tell you its not. We filipinos are more safe today. Lets just say we are just applying the basic if you follow the law then you are good if not then you will be punished. Let our President do his job,He loves his country and will always protect his people, so instead of condemning our Tatay Digong, try to know the truth, immerse if its needed.

Jean Haverkate says:

All these closed door meetings with dictators. No one saying no to Trump? He's playing the American establishment like a fiddle.

Christien Scheepers says:

Drug dealers should not be allowed to live ! Good for Duterte !

Jake Missy says:

Roy Moore….liar, liar, pants on fire!!!!!! Retire, old man. You are decrepit and ugly i side. You are rotting from the inside out.

Jake Missy says:

So what happens to the minority it bypasses? How do we compensate for that? EVERYONE should be helped.

Jake Missy says:

Trump will never condemn Putin…he colluded with him to win. What can he possibly say? " Yes, I know it was Russia…I asked them to do it"? All the reporting just makes me laugh….it is being treated like Trump was unwittingly being helped. LOL! NOT IN MY DREAMS, NOR YOURS. TRU P IS GUILTY OF TREASON TO WIN THE ELECTION. I PEACH AND PROSECUTE HIM.

Sara Mu Humphries says:

Thanks for sharing.

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