CNN Finally Admits to Hillary Clinton’s Corruption – ‘She RIGGED IT’

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CNN Finally Admits to Hillary Clinton’s Corruption – ‘She RIGGED IT’
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alpha wizard says:

The Democratic Party is over , and you can thank Hillary Clinton's corruption for it ! When are you going to wake up ?  We the people are sick of your bull-shit ! We want Hillary's in Prison for her crimes against the state , and any one that help in her illegal cover-ups !                                Bicker's for Trump …


Hillary do not take me down I have dirt on you!

Kay M says:

Cnn couldnt have helped sanders and clinton any more than they did. All because of obamas incompetant legacy. Reekinking rotting corruption.

Kay M says:

Sanders got his 30peices of silver.

IzunaDestruction says:

The blonde is a liar. Brazile and even more the Wikileaks emails and the DNC lawsuit to bring proofs the primaries were rigged. Also Don gave an assist to Clinton. Saying 'i had to inject money into the DNC' is different than saying complete takeover financially, on data, staff, analysis, ecc. Paying something with your own money is not equal to total control over every aspect and keeping the party intentionally in debt to retain control. Bunch of liars as usual.

the Trayne says:

nina turner…had to bring up race in the first thing she says. wow. racists always talk about race. that wasnt even the issue. shouldnt have even been mentioned.

White Demon says:

And she said her and Bill was broke when they left the White House and had money to fund the whole time to look at the criminal CLINTON foundation and her Secretary of State position..

Master Embalmer says:

give any woman a good paying job and a little respect and she will turn into Hillary Clinton in 0.9 seconds.

Ron Metcalf says:

Accountability and transparency? Where did they get those words because they sure aren't in the Democrat vocabulary? Donna is just a very smart person who is going to save herself out of all this by singing first. She knows what's coming.

Peter Finn says:

Cnn should face charges and the peaple of the us …

jlwftl says:

Why does that loud mouth nig woman keep over talking the others?

Toya Robinson says:

HILLARY Clinton sucks.

James Mcpherson says:

Finally, democrats are starting to see what its like to be on the other side of shameless fork-tongued liars. Yeah just try and point out reality to an establishment democrat…they'll just slap you in the face and tell you they didn't just slap you in the face.

don mchattie says:

Rigged is a word that is too mild to describe the extremely corrupt atrocity.

Tony R says:

Black people, this is proof you are being used.  Get off the Democratic Plantation.

John Sinclair says:

Rich white woman using her white privilege tells poor black woman activist to get back in her box and black woman tells her to go to hell. Classic! The Demoncrats are hoisted on their own SJW petard.

shit says:

Hillary is top shelf shit stain

Old Hippie says:

The Dem Party is eating it's self a live
And both The Dem Party And CNN can go F them selfs

Yolanda Sharpe says:

Crooked Hillary will never apologize to anyone for her evil work, legacy, and poor public service.

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