CNN New Day W/ Chris Cuomo 11/13/17| Roy Moore Threatens to Sue Washington Post

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Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore is threatening to sue The Washington Post after it reported on s….xual misconduct allegations against him, according to multiple reports. During an event Sunday, Moore called the newspaper’s report “fake news” and a “desperate attempt to stop my political campaign,” according to The Associated Press. The newspaper “will be sued,” he said during the event. “Why would they come now? Because there are groups that don’t want me in the United States Senate,” he said. “We do not plan to let anybody deter us from this race.” The threat comes after a 53-year-old woman told the Post that Moore initiated s…xual contact with her in 1979 when she was 14 and he was 32. Moore has denied the allegations, saying they are “completely false.” Since the reports, several lawmakers have called for him to step aside. A poll released Sunday showed Democrat Doug Jones leading Moore in Alabama’s Senate race by 4 points, 46 to 42 percent. The poll was conducted after reports of the allegations against Moore emerged.


Julie Cotter says:

The person being interviewed on the street speaking out for Roy Moore is an old white man what a shock NOT!

rayofhope says:

White people are so beautiful. #itsoktobewhite

You Lie says:

Wow, threatening to sue. He didnt sue.

Isabela Caine says:

We are a citizens, so call the foundation, and ask questions!

Isabela Caine says:

Call the Roy Moore/ Kayla Foundation and ask about Kayla's age when she started dating Roy. They will tell you -very quickly, 1 year before marriage in 1985 – but they will not tell you Kayla's age! Hmmmmmmmmm, why? Beware: they will not tell you her age, and they will turn the phone off after you ask this basic question. How old is Kayla, ad when did she start "dating" Roy, and did she need permission from her mother?

Michael Pearce says:

Barf on these CNN and their hate of our Christian values. Judge isn't a rapist and if he had permission to date any young woman, it was a requirement for everyone to get permission from the parents to date daughters of any age. I was taught to ask permission by my own Father about asking parents before dating and I'm over 70. It was the tradition…

J. Muller says:

When  will cnn look into the  4 women that say Bill Clinton raped them?  Never.

jimmyjawbreakr says:

Trump is "bigly" embrassment to the USA

gary duran says:

GOP Grand Ol Pussy grabbers Evangelicals love them.

pie says:

Fake news good night

pie says:

Hey I’m going to bed

Laverne Coleman says:

Never run for office..when your backyard is full of garbage!!!

pie says:

I’m afraid

pie says:

I was shocked your dum Fokker news

pie says:

Bad day this show should be called fake new going to bed

pie says:

Ana Navarro is a dummy

P Young says:

I beleive the girls/women. Nothing uncommon about women staying silent for long periods of time. The hollywood perv has just come clean about his creapie-freakie-preditor behavior. I now believe the majority of republicans would vote for satan and hitler, as long as it gets them another number in power. Where is the religious right? Where are all the holier than thou folks? Where are all the fiscal hawks ? Molester's are beyond criminal, they are evil! And so are those who support them.

Jim Reynolds says:

Thanks…very well put together. Clean and crisp video and sound as well. So many others wanting subscriptions sadly miss the quality picture. From my experience, you're one of the best.

Joe USA says:

Breaking Drama Queen News! Hysterical CNN Deep State Operative Are A Bunch of Prissy Fitted Drama Queens Reading Off Monitors Scripted Political Left Nut Propaganda. Its FAKE NEWS like the Enquirer. God Bless our NYC Asshole POTUS for Bung Holing This Sess Pool Back And His Agenda to Make America Righteous Again! Send Em Back To Hell Trump!

Rei Allen says:

I love how CNN issues the term Co controversial. Could it be that's what the C stands for?

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