FIREWORKS!… As Jehmoo The Mad Cow Greene & The Tezmaninian Devil Debate Hillary’s Rigged System

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speidi1 says:

This is pointless.

C.C. Ryder says:

God have mercy on the west. Future isn't too bright. Both these clowns are the types of figures that will lead to the death of the nation.

AA says:

The only fact that Jehmoo is smiling like a stupid proves that she is like a kid caught with her pants down. Pathetic woman !

Neil Anderson says:

Get that white hair off your heads, that's cultural appropriation.

DeeDeeMr88 says:

Jehmoo is an idiot. This is not about Hillary being a woman! An African American WOMAN was the one to step forward and say the election was rigged. So Idk wth Jehmoo is talking about making it seem like its the white man's fault. Hillary is a corrupt lying witch. If she needed to rig the primaries to win how in the world would she have won the general?? Crazy ppl. That other woman is right, love yourself more than you love Hillary Clinton. Its okay to leave the "i'm with her" CULT.

patrick beishir says:

Jehmu, sshhhh men are talking.

patrick beishir says:

And BAM! 2 and a half minutes in and the race card is all in on the table………

John C. says:

When will they understand that illegal aliens and dead people can't vote!!!?

MrMookys says:

Shamoo is an idiot. Its always about race even when your hand is the cookie jar.

icas80 says:

I called in sick for the intro

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