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If You’re Full & Grateful This Season… Don’t Forget To Pay It Forward
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Timothy Hansen says:

What is Ms. Ingraham talking about? The Bible, in both the Old AND the New Testament, has SEVERAL places where it talks about discriminating between your own country & others. Whether it's how you can enslave the people of other nations but can only put your neighbors into indentured servitude for no more than 7 years if they borrow from you & either refuse to or cannot actually pay you back, or how Jesus refused to heal Lazarus when the guy's wife or sibling or mother – I don't remember offhand which she was – came to him literally on her knees for his help because neither she nor her family were Jewish, until she basically compared herself to a dog hunting for table scraps from her betters – the Jews. (Google "Jesus and the Canaanite Woman" if you don't believe Me on that.) Those are just two I can remember distinctly, but I am sure there are others I haven't thought of for a while.

Judaism, Christianity, & Islam are all the same religion. Christianity is Judaism 2.0 & Islam is Christianity 2.0/Judaism 3.0. Even when you read the Qu'ran/Koran, the Islamic "Bible," in English, it's basically the Christian Bible just with a few bits added here & there. For example, when Lot offers his preteen daughters to the unruly mob of Sodomites to do with as they will if they would refrain from trying to rape the two adult male angels whom he had allowed into his home, in the Bible he just says – basically – "have them" whereas in the Koran he says he's offering them up as child-brides. That's about the only difference in that entire story. (And Lot, a guy who was willing to give his preteen daughters to a bunch of guys to probably gang-rape to death, who walks away from his wife after she's disobeyed God & looked back at the destruction of Sodom & Gomorroh resulting in her being turned into a pillar of salt – which sounds like an atomic explosion to Me, really – rather than make sure she was in front of him & always looking forward – even blindfolding her if he had to – & who is then SUPPOSEDLY a victim of being drugged & then raped by those self-same preteen daughters so they could get pregnant by him – as if we don't all know what REALLY happened in that damn cave – getting into Heaven without a problem is a large part of why I will never follow Christianity Myself. Especially after reading the Bible in its entirety.)

There are other differences, of course. In the Koran, it talks about a man having a wife or two & "as many women as he can hold in his right hand," meaning slaves he personally grabs during a war. War-brides, they used to be called, or "the spoils of war." Not just a wife or 2, like in the New Testament.

So, again, I don't know why this woman seems to think the Bible is a big book of "kum-by-ya"(I don't know how to spell that word.) moments. I would really like to see whatever whitewashed, extremely edited version of the Bible she's looking at. I mean, a bunch of kids throw feces at a monk & call him a bunch of names as he's leaving a small village because they don't like the Christian cult he was a part of, & the monk gets God to set two mother bears on the kids – killing all 47 of them, leaving the entire town without a next generation – & that's supposed to be a "reasonable" response to being called names & having manure thrown at you, for crying out loud!

betty kuykendall says:

I don't care what Laura says or what other people say BUT charity begins at home. These other countries' government's need to become accountable for their own people !!

GataMala says:

Who is that "Just For Men" dude at the beginning of this clip???

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