Fox & Friends 11/10/17 | 7AM | Fox News Today November 10, 2017

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Fox & Friends 11/10/17 | AM | Fox News Today November 10, 2017
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H.G. C. says:

These idiotic white liberals are the problem . They all suffer from the Rachel Dolezol self loathing complex

H.G. C. says:

17:36 They look like ANTIFA punks

Dominick Delaurentis says:

Violent liberals so common

aunt jenifer says:


Rebel Millennial says:

Jordan Peterson's segment: 17:37

Debbie Cliburn says:

His back pay should go the soldiers that died when looking for him.

good goat says:

Bergdahl is a disgrace to the uniform. Honorable men were maimed and killed because of him and he should have been hung.

sharon stockard says:

shot when in battle, (not in battle) a simple death by hanging when found guilty.

Sally Beatty says:

I don't know the whole timing of this judge more thing seems just a little fishy so he's been in public office in Alabama for decades now this woman didn't feel she needed to come forward before this because judges hold a lot of power she didn't feel she needed to stop that after all being a judge he could have let perverts and pedophiles go left and right where was she sounds like a little opposition digging up of something nefarious

Sally Beatty says:

if any Average Joe American walked off their job they're not getting paid and they're not getting back day they're getting fired

John Danaher says:

Doctor Jordan explained this dangerous liberal hate formula better than I have ever heard before. What we need is an antidote to stop the spread of this pernicious hate.

Joel Cipolletti says:

is bird dog guy is a disgusting treasonist individual at the very least he should be in prison

Mark Steele says:

Thank God we have a president that looks out for his own county, instead of filling his pockets like the past administrations have.

studfindingball says:

Honor veterans? Bullshit. Give all veterans the day off with pay, America, you cheap fuck. You pay paper pushing generals $250,000/year pension but the ones who do the heavy lifting get nothing but lip service. Piss off, America.

Mark Steele says:

He gets nothing and the money should be shared with the men/women who died looking for him.

Devon Armour says:

When it's all over Trump will go as the greatest of all time

Erron777 says:

My skin pigment color made me do it.

Stephen Reid says:

One smart Canadian Aeh!

Doctor D says:

Jordan do us a favor and kill your self. White shit bag asshole.

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