Inside Politics 11/13/2017 CNN News November 13, 2017

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Stu Pidas says:

"These attacks said I was involved with a minor child and are completely false and untrue." the subtitles say BUT what he actually said was "These attacks I was involved with a minor child and are completely unfalse and untrue." TWO freudian slips in a single sentence! Guess all devils aren't so silver tongued after all!

Uf Gu says:

karachi,pindi,lahore,indian punjab,indina gujrat,muslim ,sikh hindu,our politcina did thing if u donot put them jail u will be slave

Uf Gu says:

shahid masood phir doo numberi say gool mool baat kar gia,masala yeh thaa full bench sunee aur nab is koo prosecute karay,14 ,pages,sign kay agee larki bethi thee bus mein

Uf Gu says:

Ravinder S. Bhalla elected as New Jersey's first Sikh mayor

Richard Benish says:

"Alabama is a very Republican state." Also, if Roy Moore's popularity is an indicator, a very medieval, neanderthal state.

dan mac says:

someone really needs to invent a time machine
go back to the forties and shoot that orange hair orangutan that the cock holsters mom was having sex with

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