Judge Jeanine Delivers A Cold Waring To The Insane Left

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Judge Jeanine Delivers A Cold Waring To The Insane Left
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Big Boy Blue says:

Is the Judge an AI Robot? I mean, she's what, 66? And, is as tight as a 40 year old cougar Mom?

Michael Steven says:

There is a word for what they're doing … sedition.

Poppy S says:

Thumbs down for the long intro.

Thomas Paine says:

Waring? Don't you mean Warning?

Matt Daniel says:

Liberals need to be killed!! Enough said!

dynosarus says:

It is more than just hatred. The leftist street commies are deep state mind controlled. Also, IMO, if you want to see police take action, then fight back or defend yourself from commie attacks.

Mary D2.0 says:

Mindless self righteous self loathing liberals are ruining our country.

Donney adams says:

Sickening people

Renee Podesta says:

All Libs dem. Should bee put away one way or another. Have to get rid of all Libs Dems. There evil insane meme. Put them down. Now.

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