Laura Ingraham With Some Straight Talk On The Alabama Hit Job

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Laura Ingraham With Some Straight Talk On The Alabama Hit Job

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10tenman10 says:

This allegation is a total hit piece. This woman is a liar in my opinion. See Stefan Molineux on this case. You can easily find this sort of woman making accusations about anyone running for office.

Tieu Ngao says:

Whenever the Washington Post, NY times, CNN, or MSNBC … Mitt Romney, Jeff Flake jumped on the bandwagon attacking someone … place the bet on that person ! He or she must be a decent human being, so decent that these scumbags could not stand him or her they must take them down at any cost.

Stephen Dufort says:

Lie detecter…Moore and all these woman accusers

Stephen Dufort says:

stay in there

Laura Adair says:

Moore needs to continue on. This yellow journalism, FAKE NEWS is the most criminal arm of the liberal Democrats, NWO. We all need to stick together and squash this crap because its going to ruin our American. Patriots Unite.

poodle dog says:


gr82bfreenjesus love says:

Don't believe this because this is something that happens supposedly 40 years ago there's no proof of it and why are they just now coming out about it. I would have believed that 40 years ago if it had been reported but wait until now I don't believe it

Robert Cain Jr. says:

“You supply the story I’ll supply the war” Yellow Journalism at its finest. Impartial? No. They the mainstream media don’t even have investigative reporters anymore! Where is the research, the digging? How do you prove your innocence, if this is a hit piece? By any means necessary! Is there mantra! If this is proven to have happened there is no hole deep enough to bury him!

tammlen 2 says:

If the media wins on this dirty tactic, then every future GOP candidate better expect the same.

John Rider says:

If they do this to Alabama, all hell will break loose. I say do it. Let's get this fight started. This is all about a strong Christian man who is very much about American's having guns, and they can't have an honest God fearing man in Washington.

Karlie Patterson says:

OMG, the left has lost their minds. Why is Roy Moore being crucified without any proven guilt? Are the Dems blaming others for their dirty deeds? This man is innocent until PROVEN guilty? These women conveniently go public 40 yrs later, without proof. What the hell? I don't believe them. Moore should not quit!

Amore Gonzalez says:

This is no a lie. Ok. Is just jow it was 40 years ago. Different. Times now

John Rider says:

Moore is going to win. This is all BS because they are scared of this man.

Brad Polmateer says:

Dems b.s. again

joe beastyg says:

Typical demonrat behavior – blame the other guy of doing exactly what they do. Pizza. Gate.

Tess Rohan says:

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E.L.Dorado says:

40 years ago it was customary to ask the parents for permission to take out their daughter.

Big Boy Blue says:

She should mention how the Clinton's RAPED Haiti and the world blind. I researched him a bit and he's a hard charger. They don't like people like him because he's tough and honest. Infact as an MP Unit Commander in Vietnam he was hated and there was talk of fragging him. They don't want an ass kicker or a real Senator. He's Christian and a former Meathead.

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