Martha The White Witch Destroys Bird In Red Insane With The Hatered Of Loss After Loss After Loss

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Jessica The Big Angry Bird Tarloff Returns With An Attitude


Franky Daniel says:

Tarkov is a friggn liberal tool that wouldn't know the truth if it bit her on the ass

Wild1 P says:

Well it's October so a few month's after this video was created.. And I've watched this "big bird" only days ago and she still bad mouths Trump, she has what you call Trump derangement syndrome!!!
Liberalism is a mental disorder!

Support for Trump from Australia

DevilDocNowCiv says:

Tarlov is stuck on flooding the zone with nonstop blather, because she has no actual point to make but wants to defend any Dem that gets brought up. So she fast-talks some blather, inserts some bland factoid and just fills time when in cases like Susan Rice, theres nothing good to say.

American GI 1967 says:

Only a weaker vessel would complain like so many females do on the Left.

Dominique Freeman says:

Her race and gender lol that's fuckn pathetic… amazing

Paul Kelley says:

I reallyyyy think that tarlov might be trans

mike dar says:

Thatwas pretty funny..' I'll come out with race and sexist claims when I need to', I've no idea why the 'response wasn't a continued questioning of why is Race only appropriate if it serves you if formally accused, lolol as if she isn't visibly threatening to bring 'racial' if questioned about illegal actions.Rice has lived too long in the shadows, to not understand that asking, 'Is this a Black' thing will float for 60 seconds!

Muu Hoang says:

Jessica finally shows her true identity: defending indefensible lying leftists and mouthpiece of the far left. No integrity on her part of speaking up against dishonesty by Obama and his staff.

Electric Boogaloo says:

It appears the red dress is a symbol of something Jessica is experiencing..for about a week. Uncalled for remarks and attitude.

Michael Krüger says:

what a dirty job, being in public and having to defend a cunt like susan rice

Michael Krüger says:

and she"s a tranny and gay

Harry C says:

6:10 "serial dishonesty" ???? How bout "serial LIAR"!!!! Yes, that's what Susan Rice is, and she should be held accountable for it.

victor portocarrero says:

This shit is to fucking OLD…!!

scvusa says:

That beech in red is an annoyance and, well, annoying…

Molon Labe says:

You have witnessed for the past 8 years why africa is so fucked up…. because blacks cant govern themselves or anyone else thats why africa was better under apartheid

Molon Labe says:

Rice needs to be in prison

Molon Labe says:

Tarlov your an idiot…. i dont know why your even on fox you get your ass handed to you almost every time

David Taylor says:

Me the people want to know why when we receive a subpoena we have to appear and turn over all things that were requested but if you are a politician you are exempt and get to say it is because I am a dark colored woman. Bull s it.

Dave Smith says:

that chick in red ought to talk to Steven Hawking to see if she can get one of those computerized voice boxes. It'd be a serious improvement over what she has.

R. I. says:

what a CROOKED administration Obama had. Trump needs to weed them all out.

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