New Day 11/13/17 CNN News November 13,2017

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Jelly Nacino says:

The people in the United States must really are so dumb. Don't they know that the reason why Trump is always favoring Putin is that Putin has so many goods against Trump! Maybe ven some salacious pictures taken inside hotel when Trump had some protitutes inside his hotel room!!! Idiots

horst weiter says:

get the pedos in dc and you will loose half of the government

Marie Rose says:

Peter Neson does the truth hurt.Boo Hoo.

wel1968 says:

Want to know how many pedos live in ALabama..?
Count how many vote for Moore…
that is how many there are…
any, not against evil, are evil themselves

Scrotor says:

Time to play "What lie will Sarah Sanders tell today to cover her boss's ass?"

Terry C says:

tRump talks tough but carries a little stick

Peter Nesen says:

Dem's fake trash news MSNBC CNN CBS

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