Proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia intensifies

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The United States military says the missile targeting the Saudis has Iranian markings; Rich Edson has more for ‘Special Report.’


your mom says:

Great, another regional disaster…. Syria… Yemen is next… Lebanon soon? Then what?

Fuck, spending years killing thousands of people, destroying the infrastructure of a nation…….. why not just nuke the fucking place and be done… why drag it out.

What a bunch of fucking idiots

37persian says:

USA and the west days are over in Mid East. If they caused an other war in Mid East it will come to their own door step soon or later as the Mid East and Europe are so close to each other.

Puffy Adderson's FAKE NEWS trolling channel!!! says:

Sounds like ALLAH is mad right now MUSLIMS!!! You better all behave!!! THANKS!!!!!:)))))

Miss Ema says:

If Iranian people seek peace , then why can't we see any uprisings against their government's acts. Tehran is engaged in financial, political and military support for militias and designated terrorist groups across the Middle East and in the West.

Mostafa Kobari says:

Saudi Arabia such a extremistis country is a massive problem for the world

inker1972 says:

As long as our gas prices don't rise,have it camel jockeys and towelheads.

Naweed sediq says:

9 out of 11 terrorist on 911 were Saudis. the founder of Alqayda is a rich prince from Saudi Arabia and Saudis are buying everybody with money even Trump

JIM87ification says:

FOX, the War propaganda channel. Of course CNN and the others are also, but FOX is the worst.

CiniCraft says:

Can the US high command just pretend they didn't see anything and let them blow each other up?

tino v says:

In 2003 US invaded the wrong country… Should have invaded saudi scums.. ohh forgot petrodollar

Rico Man says:


Peter Bond says:

Should the US do the same and arrest the wealthiest people in the country that have colluded to loot the tax payers money only to crash the middle class economy and leave the nation vulnerable to the other super powers both economically and mentally in terms of 40 years of unfunded education for the "masses".

Peter Bond says:

The war manufacturing dems/repub are playing with fire as they require terrorist demand to drive war spending. After they get their orders/sales the walk away from the destruction that it brings. I wonder what Putin will do with this situation? He will not let Iran fall.

Peter Bond says:

Against the law to provide arms to a conflict zone? What was the US doing in Syria? Even worse they were dropping 100 millions of dollars in arms that were instantly finding its way to ISIS. Then we had the 100's of tankers that were moving oil to Turkey who were paying cheap prices to ISIS to again fund their war expenses. Damn it. Do these journalist have a gag order from Weinstein or what? Suppression of the news is out of control.

Ciaron Smith says:

FALSE FLAG. Enough said. Iran and Russia? Dope as fuck imo. Any self respecting American who is anti interventionist and wants to keep our boys safe would think the same.

Ciaron Smith says:

I would rather see an Israel vs Saudi Arabia war. Just saying. Reading up on Russian/Persian history, I kind of like Iran. They fight ISIS and dont advocate war.

mad dog says:

Bring it on you all Semite Arab bitches,you all jewbags know that we are Aryans,Iranians and we have no fear to smash our enemies.Funny is these American goofballs in White House supporting terrorist states like Saudis and other Semite idiots.Whenever USA could get rid of Semite arabs influence in their political system they can claim they are free nation.That skinny slimy jewbag son in law he got, will take them down to the toilet. Kosher Kushner family have long years of corruption and only idiot americans will follow a clown ass president like him and his son in law.

Ciaron Smith says:

FYI. Iran is an ARYAN country. The Persians are super smart, and Hitler excluded them from the Nuremberg laws as a superior peoples. If we stop supporting Saudi Arabia, the region will calm down, because Iran and Russia will take over by way of their super culture and peoples. Its that simple. Get the fuck out, Iran and Russia clean up the mess, no war. Kapish?

Alan Kahlil says:

Fuck Arab ,fuck Islam ,viva Iran,

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