Sean Hannity 11/10/17 – Hannity Fox News Today November 10, 2017

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Sean Hannity 11/10/17 – Hannity November 10, 2017 Fox News – President Trump

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Keoki says:

I thought the age of consent in Alabama was 10 years old? Hahahahahaha..

Kelly Clover says:

Sean Hannity you need to move your blatantly biased TV program to a network that doesn't use or need advertising revenue. Advertisers don't want be associated with extremely controversial celebrities or politicians. What Keurig Coffees Makers did is only the beginning of an advertiser stampede for the exits!

Thomas Jefferson says:

There is no possible way for Judge Moore to "prove his innocence", particularly 38 years after the incidents supposedly took place. There is no possible way to prove Judge Moore guilty 38 years after the incidents. The idea that liberals find this sort of (alleged) behavior immoral is laughable. Liberals, who believe in sexual freedom, who see nothing wrong with praising a "religion" whose founder consummated a marriage with a 9-year old girl, who saw nothing wrong with sexual predation by Hollywood bigwigs, liberals, who constantly attack Christian morality, particularly when it comes to sexual behavior; liberals, who have no problem with actual sexual immorality when it comes to other liberals, such as Ted Kennedy or Bill Clinton; liberals, who like to say that there is no God and are hostile to the ten commandments, now claim to be outraged by Judge Moore's (alleged) behavior is the highest of hypocrisy. This is how the Left operates. The Left cannot defend its destructive ideas, so resorts to their favorite tactics, accuse someone of racism (e.g. the Mississippi senate race) or sexual misconduct (e.g. Herman Cain, Clarence Thomas). The Left, which sees nothing wrong with premarital sex, no-fault divorce, homosexual "marriage", polygamy, group sex, now professes to be horrified that a 32-old man would date a 14-year old girl. This is all political. The choice comes down to: believe the Washington Post and its supporters, like RINOs Mitt Romney and John McCain, or believe Judge Moore.

Fred Blankly says:

The Treason

I stood. Still. Watching the slaughter.
Of innocents perpetuated by the meat
eating masses. Of fast food demographers who would sooner
pass healthcare for themselves
then cut out a cheeseburger. For an apple. While rush limbaugh and
Pop music blares from their radios.
Casting crowns for cups of spare change.

I watched children in diapers, navigate
Piles of dog shit and Xbox controllers,
as xanax and zombies made history
Under the nose of those who would
play them. Saw the list of names.

When there is no free press.
There is no right. Or
Left. Only sides. Opposing.
Hearts and minds. Against
Slavery of color undefined.
Enacted by fist, whip.
Mask and chain. Held
In place by a common dollar
denominator. For which
It's cost is. Never
An even freedom reaching
Parity of exchange.

I watched. Long enough
to know the binds with which
To develop the tool.
Necessary to break them.

Blood pumps through
Veins as long as there is
Breath enough to feed them.
Your heart is strong but
Only completes itself
In compliment with a
Developed mind.
Which can't be constituted
By others outside of
You controlling the
Interpretation of what your gut
Is telling you when, as..
You meet them.

Kunndalini is only sexual
As you make it.
But a little forewarning
For those, and please
Not to artificially limit things
But if your idea of enlightenment
Comes from using your selves
As dildos for your best friends
You will always maintain a state of material. Co-dependence.

Soul bonded to a program.
Foreign. An orange-aide.
Hairy precedent setting.
Sitting president. Merkin.

China, but not-Chinese
German, but not germane
Russian; not not American.

Nor black.
Blue .

Buddha. But not-Tathagata
Jesus. Not Christ. The word.
Islam. Not Mecca. Not Sufi.

I saw narcissus
power, greed.
Control. And
Apollyon with
His oligarchical
Host. Rising to
Meet them.
And with one key.
Rule them.

Among this:
I saw my self.
Waiting. Reading
the leaves change.
As if a season passing.
The absence of words.
Leaves. Only watching.
The search.
For meaning.
Coming. Spring.
Forth into reign.

Intolerance of intolerance
Is no tolerance for tolerance
As logos defines
The confusion of masses.
In hate displayed on signs.
Through active,
But passive.
Non-active negation.

All incapacitated,
But captivated by
The status of a
Narcissistic nationalist.

Let those who feel
That all this is such a good thing
See what there process of
Elimination, in election.
Brings. Erected
Too them.

While those who
Know. Still speak
and seek of freedom.
Blossoming. Not
Dependent upon
The kings of nations.

Cmillis003 says:

15 mid roll 30 second ads on a 40 minute video… sad

Kevin Hill says:

Hannity got thrashed, and rightly so, seeing as he's defending a pedophile.

MichelleLephant says:

It doesn't matter what religion, political party, race or celebrity status you have. Statutory rape, rape, molestation, pedophilia, etc. ARE ILLEGAL AND MORALLY WRONG!! I see people saying they're going to buy Keurig coffee makers because they stopped advertising with Hannity over this segment. Are you fucking kidding me?? I don't give a shit what you BELIEVE.. The majority of predators deny allegations. And nobody knows the truth. But to attack Hannity for just discussing?? You're idiots!

Beverly Mooneyham says:

It is the same as it has been for years, we have a choice to follow GOD or follow a false god.

den doll says:

Democrats and liberals are the devil in disguise.

potoum13 says:

@42:00 'if the left didn't have double standard they would have no standard at all'

Columbus Knight says:

This video was interrupted 7 times with effing commercials in the middle of segments. I don't know who is responsible, but this intrusive rude behavior needs to stop.

Rayne Ryan says:

Roy Moore contradicted himself several times.

Rayne Ryan says:

" I don't remember…blah, blah, blah." Of course, he would never admit the truth!

Michael Jensen says:

You know, the double screen effect like one of them is being moved around and overlapping the other.

Victor Leon says:

It's so Ironic that Mr. POTATO HEAD HANNITY gets some of his ads cancel, could it be for being IGNORANT or just stupid.
But, none of the above was the problem, the real problem was for being a TRUMP LYING MONKEY and pervert backer!!!

Michael Jensen says:

Seriously, why is the screen messed with so often in these video posts?! It's incredibly annoying. Mostly because there doesn't seem to be a need for it happening at all.

Lee Earl says:

Roy Moore supporters will go to hell along with Moore. Shame on you greedy ass right wing nutjobs!!!!!

Lee Earl says:

A business should only be rewarded when they actually create new jobs. Otherwise, the fuckers just ship their profits to offshore banks.

Mark Millard says:

Based on what I've seen Roy Moore does like getting his little pistol out and waving it in front of people! Guilty as heck.

John Lloyd says:

Hold on…Hannity was trying to make it sound like it would still be disqualifying to date a 18-19 yr old. It's LEGAL. They're adults at that point. And any time in history before, most 18 yr olds would have been married already.

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