Sean Hannity 11/9/17 – Hannity Fox News Today November 9, 2017

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Sean Hannity 11/9/17 – Hannity November 9, 2017 Fox News – President Trump

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rant404 says:

Here's what we can agree on because it's obvious night after night, Sean Shit for Brains — you're a pimp propagandist for Dump, the Repugnican Parody, alt-right, and the Sexual Harassment Channel. Tell us about Seth Rich, you fucking lying pseudo-journalist.

Oumar Diallo says:

Everytime hannity hated about Obama ( teleprompter use , being rich and note in touch with reality , ….). He loves it about Trump ! dollars in your butts make you change quickly your mind

100% Red Pill colourblind says:

38 years? And People belive this? 4 weeks before a vote? Weather its true or not can't you see the timing of this? There is no end to leftist scumbags twisting and lying. 145,000,000 Urainium 1 that's the real story

100% Red Pill colourblind says:

Geraldo….is the only sexual predator here. I'm mean look at him. You will see. Allegations are coming. Sicko.

Tom Bennett says:

So Mercedes Cohen went on a national cable news show to 'proudly' proclaim to the world that she has defended 100s of corporate executives against sexual misconduct allegations.

Gee, bet there's some proud parents there!!

What a hack.

Green Brain says:

Hannity mixes up some good points with blah blah blah obfuscating propaganda bullshit. Obama was correctly stating about the unfair treatment of people of color.

John Clement says:


Leah Phillips says:

Men have always hit on women, young girls, and old women. It has been going on since the beginning of time. I was molested by a Baptist preacher when I was 15. No one cared. If every man that ever hit on a woman inappropriately were put in jail there would hardly be any free men. It’s wrong! It’s horrible! It’s a fact! We need to address it. We need to understand it’s not going to go away overnight. We need to educate men & women about sexuality, and the unspoken norms that are accepted without question.

Renee Podesta says:

Geraldo asshole. No comparison between Moore And Hollywood. All lies. If Moore steps down. Trump better step down. Tired of all these lies and bullshit. There are no woman all bullshit. Trump is done if he don't stand up for Moore.

Renee Podesta says:

All lies and u know it. Rep head doesn't want him. All bullshit lies. This is not true. Rep Mc hates. Wants his man in. Well we don't. If Trump doesn't stand by Moore Trump will be done. I love Trump but not lies. Done if they keep this up. Mitch wants his man in this is why. I'm done with Rep and Trump. Over. After 2 yrs I'm done.

Joe Carr says:

Who Cares What Moore did 40 years ago. Where was this Woman when he became a Judge? How come it all conveniently comes up when he goes into Politics? Where are all the woman that accused trump after his nomination, they came out of the woodwork then but were all paid fakers!

Sören Nilsson says:

Evangelical Christians have no moral so of course, they will vote for him. They did not even believe the Trump, B Bush tape when they heard it and they would vote for Satan himself if they thought it would further their cause. They have sold out their moral but if they are right in their believes eternity is a long time to spend in the wrong place. As Christians, they are supposed to protect the weak, help the poor and sick. They are now doing the opposite, protecting the strong and rich.

harry louis says:

Colin warner, nathaniel hatchett, brian bank, lawrence McKinney, ricky jackson are just a few names of an extremely long list of black males that were not only falsely accused and in hannity voice, "rushed to judgement", these guys and many more actually got sentenced and served excessive amount of years in prison for a crime they did not commit. And you expect for me to feel sorry for guys like harvey weinstein, because he checked himself into rehab. this video is Hypocrisy at its finest.

JAY FLY says:

Where can I sign up to OPT out of my tax dollars from going to any type of support to ILLEGAL'S ? I think I should be asked if I want to give my hard earned monies to supporting the illegals before just taking it out of my pay check.

I think that illegals only have HUMAN rights, not USA rights, as they are not citizens and thus are not protected by our laws and thus should not receive Government funding of any type!

And if those hearts that bleed want to come up out of pocket, there should be a foundation available for them to put their own monies into and stay the hell out of mine!

I am blown away that illegals marched in Washington and where the hell was La Migra? I would think since they all came to show us who and where they are, we would of sent a shit ton of patty wagons to round them up and give them a free ride back home to their country, were they have rights under their own Government, and can ask their Government to give them a free ride!

I am so over paying for illegals, or criminals, the lazy, those that feel entitled, and those that think for some stupid reason we owe them! We didn't birth you, why the hell do you think we Americans owe you a damn thing?

Jeffrey Molina says:

It's okay, Trump won after he was caught grabbing them by the pussy, so you Republicans shouldn't have to worry if it's true or not.

harry louis says:

Its so funny how sean hannity passively rushed to judgement on bill cosby's allegations. This is bull! hannity is directly or indirectly connected with this accused judge.

Bill Otinger says:

IAM NOT a CHRISTIAN , I will NOW Vote for MOORE, this is a CLEAR LIE,

tirrosr XXX says:

Politics just gets dirtier and dirtier. John McCain, Karma is a Bitch, if you live long enough you might wish that you kept your opinion to yourself and given Moore the benefit of the doubt.

James Bryson says:

Hannity, Great American…period.

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