Special Report w_ Bret Baier 11/10/2017 Fox News Today November 10 2017

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Roadhog Harley says:

Fox's OWN BRET BAIER Says he was not saying anything against Judge Moore All the time steadily. Back stabbing him with same words.he says he's not using.Thats as two faced as it gets..Then there's the useless shep smith that's all but came out and said he was with the democratic Party.and he couldn't. Wait to bad mouth our President a Then there's. Lora' the s new show vixon view or something. This story is obviously. all too do about accusations from deep state.

Shiwanokia says:

It is disgusting that Fox News is even taking these accusations seriously. We know the Left lies all the time and are well known for smears.

Kube Dog says:

41:27 This is one of the ugliest fucking women on the face of the earth. An absolute vomit job.

Nathan Cage says:

I was able to hang from a basketball hoop at 16

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