The Five Fox News 11_12_17 Fox News Today Noveмber 12 2017

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Ralph Stgermain says:

I can't believe the Republicans are calling for the guy to step aside. I don't know this guy, and don't have a favorite, and all I see is this is so suspiscious. WTF? 38 year old accusation, is soooo suspect, espescially with the timing. And no support from Fox, his party, everyone is so afraid to support him, when there is not a single scrap of evidence, and this poor bastard, the judge, is ruined because this all anyone will remember of him, after dedicating his life to law enforcement and politics, and 50 yrs. down the drain. The Republicans and the Fox crew should be pushing the narrative of the reasons this allegation is sooo fucking suspect, and no way to prove it, it comes from the Democratic scammers of everything politics, so why are they affraid to stand up for him, what happened to innocent until proven guilty? Ironic a judge gets destroyed without due proccess. Just like that (Snap) your life is over just by someone saying something without proof. Fucking world is fucked up, and all the talking heads and politicians are loyal to no one but the lobbiests and spinelss human shit.

rrs1550 says:

old news…..shame……TRUMP NEWS

digitalian says:

How Libtarded is that … If anybody is wondering what's wrong with the world … Show a real reason for that stupidity right now.

Kathy Bauers says:

creepy, touchy-feely Joe Biden a good choice, no, that is awful.

Reuben Florez says:

why if juan dislikes conservatives so much, is he taking a check from fox? oh yes liberals couldn't stand him either.

Jake Cat says:

lie after lie after lie. she has no shame

louis lind says:

Thesw stupid idiotic lunatic fools liberals mentality are the same as the evil liar cheater corrupt Democrat & criminal Hillary clinton!!!!

Todd Tarum says:

Please please please someone get rid of the clintons completely. And while you're at it, Juan could use a lobotamy.

Alf Omega says:

Lie Much? Hitlery

doug halibit says:

Breaking news morons!! FOX has no credibility, they were and are filled with disgusting, perverted , lying journalists! Will hire the judge if he doesn`t make the senate!! it`s time people, fuck Steve Bannon!!  and…..IMPEACH, the perverted, racist, nut job, LIAR, and…. "fucking moron"

Pat Garrett says:

Too bad there weren't swarms of moths flying into those open mouths! Then they would have something real to digest!

jesse wilson says:

Why the fuck is Hillary in Wisconsin, lil late isnt it?

Flora Moreland says:

Politics will !ake people CRAZY!!

Flora Moreland says:

When you run for office in political people while come out of the woodwork and people will pay a high price to hurt someone they don't want in office,they did the same to Trump,and that was lies!!

Marion Best says:

To the 5s you don't know what your talking about judge Moore is s very good man the frm are loosing Ang they can't handle that screaming at the sky give me a break has everyone gone crazy what are they on?

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