Tucker Carlson Dan Bongino & Attorney For The Victims Collide With The DS Wall Of Silence!

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A Must Watch Tucker Carlson tonight As Dan Bongino & Attorney For The Victims Collide With The DS Wall Of Silence!

Some Visual Images Curtesy Of Various Artist Hosted Buy Video


Dennis Burbank says:

of course the date is going to be wrong..The date on the video would have been the 1st this corrected after the initial install.

Jason Voorhees says:

Jihaadi hit job and waring princes/kingdoms

Maxwells Odyssey says:

Thanks so much for the visually interesting but more importantly..a smooth…non-dramatic intro…musics nice..:)…

P Rex says:

A helicopter overhead hmmm, crickets when it comes to the transponder anomalies.
Was one of the Saudi prince's in town that night? So many unasked questions.

blckn says:

They need to ask the man who put his shirt over the lady. There was a half naked man interviewed right after the shooting that said he covered dead people with his close.

David Fillingim says:

this is hard to watch because he keeps showing the video on a loop

Porkey Pig says:

Seems that the questions are not supposed to be answered. No reason to muddy the story line.

jarad davis says:

Dab Bongino knocks it out of the park yet again. did anybody think it was suspicious that right after the internet exposes the true (est) timeline and then law enforcement corrects it , The witness jeses campos disapears and the hourly/daily press conference stopped. at the center of this is MGM , Then jesus re apears on the ellen show ( partnered with MGM) and now the investigation is silent ….. sounds more like MGM is influencing things because they dont want to get sued for not calling the cops when jesus was shot . which still begs the question what did jesus see when he approached that door , was shot, and then 10 minutes went by of nothing, shooting happens, hallway empty for 2-5minutes , 45 minutes later police show up, shooter dead …. not to mention the shooting at the belajio 45 minutes befor jesus campos was shot

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