Tucker Carlson Tonight 11/9/17 | Fox News Today November 9, 2017

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Tucker Carlson Tonight 11/9/17 | Fox News Today November 9, 2017
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Kevin says:

Donna Brazile is a swamp monster thing. No sympathy.

Cheryl says:

Ffs please stop taking responsibility for people away from people.

popofabulous says:

You could argue social media IS killing people. ANTIFA has been fueled by bullshit information being spread and radicalizing them to commit violence. There have been shootings from liberals, targeting conservatives, based off of people being radicalized by the echo chambers they live in. Actual white supremacist have been able to insulate and reinforce their beliefs. Every group of any particular belief, liberal or conservative, has been able to push their beliefs more towards the extreme by surrounding themselves with information that reinforces their biases. Even ISIS has taken advantage of social media to radicalize disillusioned youth. Social media IS being used for political means and to push specific agendas. This alone wouldn't be intrinsically bad if the companies hosting these services didn't silence people who disagreed with their biases. Trump was elected as a direct push back against people and companies forcing their views on others.

John Mainiac says:

Tucker is such a putz.. At least the girlyman gave up on the bow ties, makes him look less like a girl..

Kristen Strader says:

Walk into a middle school or high school classroom today and see cell phone and social media addiction at it's highest. I'm a high school teacher and it's a constant battle to get them to put that stuff away. Their attention spans are shorter, they have less patience, and the majority of them have some sort of emotional problem. It's all the phone's fault.

Seth Evans says:


"…I don't think there's an upside to cigarette smoking…"

Pssh, tell that to people at risk for Alzheimer's, or Parkinson's disease, etc.–now granted, there may be healthier ways than your conventional CIGARETTE to get the tobacco active ingredients (probably/presumably, nicotine) in your system that, some research has shown, may improve your prognosis for certain disease (for example, those listed above), but still, don't be acting like there's NO positive benefits from tobacco/nicotine. As always, it's just a question of trade-offs–and one's priorities/values.


The irony being, were you to put this case up before the CURRENT composition of the plutocrat-dick-sucking Supreme Court of the United States, there's a good chance they'd declare said criminal convictions unconstitutional on more or less the same grounds they reached the ruling that they did in the infamous "Citizens United" case.


Bitch, you're the asshole reporting on the issue! Presumably, YOU (well, your bosses–I'm not sure how much control YOU actually have over the narrative you're paid to sell) DON'T HAVE TO COVER IT if you don't think we should be giving it attention…


Why should corporations pay taxes on revenue? IF we're to take seriously the ostensible purposes of incorporation (that is, to create an abstract entity, divorced from an individual or individuals' personal finances, as a vehicle for carrying out production), then what purposes ARE served, or necessitate, taxing corporate revenue (i.e. "income"), OR, for that matter, profits–as we DO tax said profits, or revenue, when it is (a) passed along to the de jure "owners" of the corporation when it is passed along in the form of dividends or realized in capital gains; (b) paid to wage laborers/employees of the corporation, in the form of the various payroll/income taxes; (c) paid to third parties for their services/labor, in the form of income taxes (when the providers are not incorporated–and in the status quo, even when they are, due to the existence of the corporate "income" tax), and/or sales taxes, or property taxes when purchasing land. In other words, corporate "income" tax, it would seem to me, is a clear example of "double taxation."

That being said, this WHOLE discussion is somewhat mooted/made more difficult by the fact that in PRACTICE, the TRUE effective tax rate any given corporation will pay is anyone's guess, as even if we set aside for the moment all the illegal methods of avoiding taxation, even just the legal one's available result in WILD difference from corporation to corporation as to what, if any, taxes they will have to pay on their "income"–and not the smallest factor affecting this difference is how effective your tax lawyers/accountants are at "finagling" the tax code to your advantage. Of course, even if most/all corporations effectively pay 0% now, it would undoubtedly be cheaper and more efficient–if our goal is to eliminate, de jure not merely de facto, the corporate tax–if that was legally the default, rather than a result obtained after many an expensive accountant and/or tax attorney's retainer.

Keehota Nakie says:

The Clinton Foundation! Is just her Wallet! I warned people years ago about that one.

Wink Shine says:

Don't allow your kids on Facebook, simple.

Grzegorz Durda says:

Thats one rigged jury.

Patrick Hicks says:

Cuckers looking like a real cuck. Promoting victimhood like a liberal. Promote responsibility! The tobacco settlement was the worse decision made. Like people didn't know cigarettes were addictive? That's bullshit. I hate Facebook that's why I don't use it. Take some fuckin' responsibility for your own life!

Ronaldreganfan says:

The “ rinos “ tax bill is a joke .

Joseph Kowalski says:

Does your show NOT rely on vulnerabilities in human psychology? Let us leave the hypocrisy to the left

cjfilmproductions says:

$1,100 dollar tax cut for the average middle class American. 5.5 billion dollar tax cut for Trump. Sounds fair.

Russian Troll says:

PAY FOR TAX CUTS what in the absolute fuck is this jackass politician talking about. The money is not the governments. Shrink the damn government you traitorous piece of shit. More brackets… go to hell Republicans, I hope you and John McCain enjoy unemployment

Mike Jr. says:

If the government won't do their job, the American People will! Y'all better keep them illegal MFs up north cause if they make it down south the will get dealt with!! When government employees who have the power to uphold the LAW do not uphold the LAW… I think that's a damn good reason to own a GUN!

Steve Williams says:

Ya there’s another catch, they will keep and sell your photos all over the world, don’t do it Facebook is trash. I haven’t had a Facebook account in about a decade, feels great

Jim Giordano says:

So now we're blaming fb for creating a product people wanted to use in order to make money. So make tvs that only last 3 months, so they don't addict people to using them?? Come on. When are we gonna start asking the parents to govern their children, and when are we gonna tell these same snowflakes children to buck up and deal. Stop getting depressed over something so trivial!

How about educate kids? How about giving them jobs so they have less time to cry over their post like count or their number of friends?

Tucker, expected better of you than to blame a product for being addicted to make the person who created it money. Are we now going to take guns away? Where's it end.

And trust me, I'm a huge zuck / fb hater, hate the app. Yeah i use it.

But I'm knowledgeable enough to know that my self worth is in no way tied up to that application, and we should be teaching our children that your self worth comes only from what you think of yourself.

Dani McD says:

We were not meant to know every single thought everyone else has! I hate Social media, it will be the end of civilization. Look how awful people have become because of Facebook and Twitter! It's horrible, I've lost many friends because they have become attention whores and so hateful. They can't just be content anymore. The other problem is, bad things travel faster than ever which is why we see more riots and more political banter, more attacks. It's very toxic. Within minutes a whole group of lawless people can get together now because of twitter. The saying is true, ignorance is truly bliss.

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