“Women Have More PRIVILEGES Than Men” – Milo DESTROYS Crazy Feminist LIVE On TV

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Tim Bucks says:

Big mouthed feminists….puke

Chris P says:

Both Milo and the Feminist neglect to point out: women chose men that have equal or higher status/earning power. That means women are choosing to place themselves in a position where its only logical for her to be the primary homemaker and caregiver. If women were willing to chose men that earned less then maybe she wouldn't have to be.

Chris P says:

can someone tell me name of the study they were talking about. It should be published by now and I would like very much to read it.


Myerk19 says:

Wow….at the end she said "good for her" HE'S TALKING ABOUT A FEMINIST THAT CAME TO THE CONCLUSION THE PAY GAP IS NOT REAL YOU DUMB CUNT. funny how she dismisses all his facts and acts like she knows better.

Ja Caff says:

Feminists and political activists never complain about the disparity in the construction industry. The amount of women working as labourers is shockingly low . There is obviously a sexist system in place , how else could we explain why there are almost no women working as labourers. Hope this gets sorted soon.

Dawnphyre says:

I think that last clip is fairly old, did the figures ever get published, they either didn't or they showed what milo was saying, becasue it was rammed down everyone throat

MsRandomBubble says:

I've have been working since 15 and I'm now 28, and have never been paid less than a man in the same position. And I was offered the same career aspirations as my male peers in school.

Franklin Bejarano says:

5:38 "Smiles feministically"
9:22 No, those are choices, what people need is to be allowed to make choices according to their preferences without feminism judging if they should be a 45yo engineer instead of a retired teacher/caretaker

i7fan says:

So, women usually marry UPWARDS which means they go for men that EARN MORE than them. So when she says "the men usually earn more" is because you women CHOOSE men who earn more than you. Even when a woman has a very good salary she wants a guy that earns even more. Stop marrying men who earn more than you and start to feel good about yourselves. Also, as long as women only marry upwards when women make more and more money there simply wont be enough men to marry. That super duper guy who earns more than a high earning female, and that also has higher social standing AND is awesomely looking… The pool of men shrink very fast when you aim for those guys. And because the pool shrinks of such men they know women thirst for them and they might not be the best man to marry since they have so many women that want them. Just saying.

Something women today has forgotten, or they were never taught this and thus dont understand men, is that men that arent top shelf, but still good men, will go the extra mile when he has a woman loving him. It is in us men to impress you when we get love from you. I know it from my own life when i fell in love with my woman back in the days that i started doing things i didnt think of at the time like educating myself higher and do what i could to make more money FOR US because i loved her and wanted to make her feel more like the queen she is. This behavior is in us men, but young women today have no clue about it. We want to provide and protect our queens. We arent going to do that when we get bashed over the head by rabid feminists though because there is no reason to kneel to someone that hates you. Women can make men do whatever they want if they just show some love. Thats why we are on this planet and this is why men today turn more and more to hard drugs and suicide = men feel purposeless when women dont need them anymore. No one gives a shit about these men. No one. Its more important to play "wage gaps" and "women have it soooo bad in the west" (yeah right…).

David Rapalyea says:

Welcome to the brain dead matriarchy. Jordan Peterson can teach these lightweights about reality.

David Rapalyea says:

Men are 100 times more likely to be killed on the job and die years and years earlier to begin with.

Mark Dyer says:

Listen, and watch, these over-privileged, over-paid, media-women, protesting that their pay is not the same as a Hospital cleaner or Carer, or a woman to turns out all night to look after elderly people in a Nursing Home!

Moon-Watcher says:

Great moderator, "interrupt him"

Lemonpi3 says:

MIlo = has things to backup his statements, Feminist = just pushes opinions
Also this became very women vs. men…. with two women ganging up on the man…. only way you have a civil argument is by letting both sides talk

JayNico62 says:

Put this baby to bed already!  Same rhetoric over and over and over.

Wally Peevy says:

is her shirt open up far enough in the front ? are you sure ? cover that shit up you skanky slut

J Smith says:

When she said “ladies first”, he should have said “Hello! Gay guy here”.

cp1cupcake says:

I really liked the fade out at the end. It's literally her agreeing with what Milo was arguing for the emtire time. That the figures need to be published to show that the wage gap is a myth.

mark balmer says:

Do not see all these woman fighting hard to do the shit jobs! where are all the woman screaming out that men have the construction jobs, or the laboring jobs, or any of the hard jobs! take my hat off the the girls that do that type of work but their are not many!

mark balmer says:

I bellieve that woman should be paid less because they are not as good as men! very simple, they do not have the physical ability to compete with men! then they have there moods? closer family ties? There are no men that think woman are equal!
Why do companies not only employ woman? because they would go broke!

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