Assad’s enemies ‘gearing up for mother of all battles’ – analyst

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The US and UK allowed hundreds of Islamic State fighters to flee from the besieged city of Raqqa in advance of the Assad-aligned forces then liberating the city. What does this portend for the future of the troubled country and for continuing the fight against fundamentalist terrorism? John Sitilides, geopolitical strategist at Trilogy Advisors, joins “News with Ed” to share his insights and expertise on the ongoing situation in war-ravaged Syria.

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Mark Bottorff says:

100% Pure unadulterated organic disgust.

Sadaf Zehra Rizvi says:

Yes they not only allowed them to escape but provided them a safe passage , drivers and vehicles. Also that they can use the threat of an imminent attack by these terrorists to stay there.

Mark Bottorff says:

Alas poor RT. I knew it well (I thought). Just when you think that somebody somewhere might be truthful and objective…….

Lasse Riise says:

Another war between Syrians? This is getting really stupid.

Mark Bottorff says:

Who is this mf'er> Must have missed something. Seems like RT and MSM are like the false dichotomy of Republicrat And Dempublican. Divide and conquer? WTF!!!!

Hhemenistan says:

What is this RT bulshit? Actually it is the opposite , Iranian want to attack Kurd , Assad announced officially.

Eddie Correa says:

The Iraqi army took on the Turds with no problem. The Syrians will do fine. God Bless the Syrian Arab Republic! Death to the Opportunistic Traitors!

Hi NHPT says:

Stop zio-crap!

Master Damo says:

Faaark USA just get of Syria already!!!!

MiG2880 says:

It seems that life has never had a lower status or value than it has right now. These people think nothing of destroying humanity to keep their criminal endeavours going. Perhaps it is our fault for letting this happen. Perhaps, as a result of our inaction and petty fears, we deserve to expect nothing better from society than this.

Learn more says:

america and israel are the only countries getting what they want from their cia and mossad controlled terrorists

Auttie B says:

Go Assad, go Russia

Bashar Jasim says:

ISIS. = Obama
Obama government made ISIS to change the Syrian government.

mahadzir abd karim says:

it will happen betweenGOUTHA of halap(aleppo) and dimas(damascus).
allahuakbar !!

just me says:

From what I understand the Kurds don't stand a chance against the coalition of iran Iraq turkey Syria Hezbollah and Russia . sounds like a suicide mission even with the help of israhell and the u s of israhell.

Kent Lawson says:

this is a lying jewish jesuit possessed us piece of shit agent

JAE, There's nothing like a NA'VI* says:

This is Crazy Talk! Saudi Arabia, Israel and the United States are teaming up to War with Syria, Iran and Lebanon! Why would The U.S. be on the side of Assad's Syria! That DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!

Bobby Bass says:

Guys a shill.. Watch the BBC video yourselves, the truck drivers say the Kurds payed them to ship Isis, and the US flew air support …

Rob Ford says:

It cost them a lot of money to train and arm these Terrorists..,Of course they're going to help them…

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