Big Shaq Invades 1Xtra Live

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Big Shaq wasn’t invited to 1Xtra Live by Charlie Sloth but managed to get himself backstage and invade Charlie Sloth’s set – watch him perform Mans Not Hot in the arena!


DaniYah Ben AzariYah says:

Man said Not3s' Afro is dead fam i cant breathe pmsl

Gun Shine State says:

Check the statistacks!

keinell garcia says:

You Dick head…. Mans not Hot

Zack Kashef says:

Skootnu is out here hold tight bruv

TCR - Music says:

The crowd made me shout "BOOM" on the DLR..



Erick Valentin says:

How about big shaq world tour?

Lendor Plays says:

This man is a legend who else agrees

Dervilus Yves Gardy says:

The ting goes skrrrahh, pap, pap, ka-ka-ka

Terry Armer says:

That was sick

TVsez says:


Damian Hoxha says:

Mad mad cheeee mans not hot

POP ZY says:

Yo Charlie is the one that made you famous

Jb A says:

Michel dapper good mates with stormzy, big Shack friends with bugzy now but what about the beef??

Love Eriksson says:

A comedian putting up a better live performance than most actual rappers out there

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