Can poo power solve India’s toilet problem? – BBC News

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India is in the midst of a toilet building frenzy. More than half a billion people in rural India do not use toilets. The government has set aside $20bn to try to eradicate open defecation by 2019.
But have the entrepreneurs behind Sanitation and Health Rights in India (Shri) come up with a way to use poo power to speed up the process for a cheaper price?

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sourcheesepringles says:

I am going to New Delhi, India on feb and i am scared there will be a lot of shit everywhere! Do they have a metro there and is uber available?

Mynameislong Sameformylastname says:

Saw this while eating lunch, thx bbc

Avidi Arshid says:

This is bullsh11t, half the billion?Fc4king BBC, as per july 2017, UN water management report, open defecation decreased from 686 million to 447 million in the span of 3 years. And world bank and the UN has noted that by 2025, india will be open defecation free go read their reports if u dont trust me. At least bbc could have corrected itself, but as we all know, it wil never because of its usual anti india stance for the past 70 years.

Markus Reyes says:

this is smart

PakSurf Social Network! says:

Make part 2 video on this please, show the real truth, as Indian news channels are busy showing their space program and making digital India 🙂

M E R K I N H A W X says:

Comments are welcome From all abroad and Local 😛 😛


India is a shit hole, literally. When it comes to a constant comparison of India against China, we can clearly see who’s wining the rase; China.
A space program don’t help much is people are taking a shit behind a tree like modern day Neanderthal men.

Sb singh says:

Again with western propaganda focusing on particular areas that dont have toilet while ignoring the other 99.9% part of india that has toilet – seriously i am from rural area and for god sake we all have toilets here and its considered gross to go for toilet in public

fuckfannyfiddlefart says:

This is an expensive and less efficient solution to a simple problem, what people can use more cheaply and sustainably while creating jobs is composting toilets, and the waste can fertilize the land, this breaks the food cycle and therefore demands expensive external inputs in the form of Oil based fertilizer, BIG ERROR, BIG.



Fazal Hamid says:

Next supper power country

Robert Evans says:

This problem of defecating in the fields next to the villages has its roots in the idiotic clinging to the caste system that Gandhi outlawed. The belief is that only the lowest caste can (and must) clean the toilets and no one else. The people will not build their own toilets because they have no sewer system and instead rely on a septic tank to merely collect the excrement that then has to be emptied sometime. No one will empty these tanks so the average household will only build a really large tank that costs more than the average household can or will afford so no on builds a tank and no one has a toilet.

To further compound the problem, many Indians believe that it is much more 'healthy' to go out in the field rather than in a toilet.

James Smith says:

The Poop-a-Pult, of "where it goes nobody knows" fame, would be much more cost efficient. (It's a catapult for poo-poo).

waterdropsfall says:

So why don't you stop buying expensive weapons and spend the money building toilets?

Alima's Everyday Recipes says:

What a great job these guys are doing! Bravo!

S Malik says:

HAHAHAHAHAHAH hats off to India'sneighbors

LokiV says:

The BBC has more pollution in it than the Ganges and is no longer british

I soiled my pants says:

India cleaner than UK. India is a green country that fight global warming. Treating sewer burn energy create global warm. Human feces good fertilizer, make vegetable grow big

blazednlovinit says:

Nice, a win win win situation.

Tom says:

As an Indian myself, I can tell you that only baton power can help India's poo and piss problem. A swift batton to the ass/dick/face of anyone seen shitting/pissing/spitting on the streets. There is no other way, because most in my country have become too accustomed to people/animals shitting on the streets that they no longer care. They no longer see it as a problem. Millions of dollars, millions of man hours has not helped much. But I guess the good old baton will help. I know, my country men on internet will disagree. That's because, I live in a lower class area (Majority India is lower class) and most keyboard Patriots live in upper class/middle class areas. I see man/animal enjoying each other's company in the shit fest that happens every morning on the streets. And I urge each of the keyboard warriors to spare some time and take an early morning walk through the gali where most Indians live. You will see for yourself. Dande se hi baat chalegi.

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