China puts on a lavish ceremony for Donald Trump

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China put on a lavish welcoming ceremony for the US president, followed by hours of talks and a press conference filled with compliments.

Donald Trump says he has found common ground with China’s leader over the crisis on the Korean Peninsula.

The US president was welcomed to China in a lavish ceremony, much more lavish than the one given former President Obama.

After the two leaders talked for several hours, Trump praised President Xi Jinping warmly during the press conference the two leaders had.

Al Jazeera’s Adrian Brown reports from Beijing.

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obsidianstatue says:

LOL AJ fake news, get your facts right, it's not illegal to go on twitter or youtube, the government just made it hard to do so, this way idiots wont be able to listen to anti-China propaganda and be fooled, and those who are smart enough to get on youtube etc, are at least somewhat educated and are more immune to bullshit fake news.

啊哈哈哈 says:

Obama is the president who can represent the USA spirit

啊哈哈哈 says:

I want the obama be the potus again,but I know it's impossible,and I'm not American

Kingman Memes says:

China is more like representing Themselves beceause all the Attention is on there country

Mizshell Mxioi says:

Finally a journalist comments on the fact that the Chinese drug shipments to the USA (& Canada) have been pivotal in creating the deadly unregulated fentanyl crisis.  The West Coast of Canada has been experiencing so many deaths due to this issue.  Trudeau is mostly absent in the reputable global media.  Is he that much of a system puppet that he doesn't create any noteworthy staunch diplomatic effort?

HO waterbrd says:

Al Jazeera are such hypocrites, when western female politicians go to Saudi Arabia they don't cover themselves in a burka, breaking Saudi law, have never heard Al Jazeera make an issue of that. Maybe they will now they're on the outs with the Saudis.

black hk hong kong says:

the corruptive government of hong kong.不合法的 2017 年 香港行政長官 – 落台吧.
香港 20年 的貪腐 – 延續貪腐政權 – 打殘新一代青年,
香港人 要追回 萬億 貪腐基建公帑
瑞士 全球最長/最深的鐵路隧道 – 16 億 (1 公里)
香港 將軍澳 – 藍田隧道 3.8公里 , 造價 151 億      – 39 億 (1 公里)

TheNumber9 says:

This channel is qatari propoganda. Liquidate

7charlierox says:

There were more at this ceremony than the inauguration…hahahahaha

Syed Siraj says:

Uncle Sam must then stop India from trading with NK..

Hector Lalalala says:

Trump’s suit is made in China. Also, his shoes, the microphone and the American flag

thndrngest says:

again, full of well chosen negative words in hopes of poisoning viewers, ha ha.

Kim Jong Un says:

Truck driver begging before china, haha.

Alan Pratama says:

anyway xin's smile looks like stalin

BeeFriendlyApiary says:

Cowardly Draft dodger….

Lopici says:

Gump praised China for taking advantage of the USA.

TheMaster100 says:

chinese dogs

lee zeo says:

Shift of superpower, China say now my turn.

o myself says:

Haha that's image profile's cracked me up, mr' xi's looks like come on.. I want u guys go home

GB inoute says:

Two county problem in the world Israel and USA

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