Clampdown on press: RT America forced to register as ‘foreign agent’

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RT America has been forced to register as a ‘foreign agent’ in the US. The pressure from Washington began after US intelligence claimed the channel was an instrument for meddling and manipulation in America.
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RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.


Gary C says:

We the people of the US do not want this. Thank You RT for your bold and honest reporting, keep up the good work and we'll keep watching.

steve austin says:

Not right at all. MSM just taking out the competition. I don't agree with everything on RT but the reporting on many stories is more informative then any other source


Oh wait, what was hard about registering, did they fail the new American policy?


All and every. My guess Americans are learning an want to clean their country of communist and Islamist.
Sleeping with the enemy has done only harm. Their goal is to have this so called terrible country theirs.
It’s corrupted and tarnished all they’ve grabbed. Freedom is freedom, live it to be a part of it.

Sofa King We Todd Ed says:

The only country in the world with a first amendment and that same country has the least amount of factual news and the ability to find real information!

breckandy says:

But not AIPAC?

Мне Нравится Россия! says:

1st RT, then US constitution? I understand that RT is a threat to the bankers and oligarchs in US. Most US politicians wipe their ass with Bill of Rights and Constitution. Respect to the Virginia senator.

Just ENT. says:

Rt ur full of shit too get some reporters in violent black communities and interview some of the good people trapped or stuck there if ur tryna do america good seems like yall only interested in the middle east and american international efforts u aint tacklin issues for all americans ur a foreign agent deal with it or go to russia and report.

George Lincoln Rockwell says:

John F. Kennedy wanted AIPAC members to be registered as foreign government agents and he got a bullet to the head a week later. Yet today, an openly foreign lobby for Israel (AIPAC) is allowed to bribe our politicians openly with no recourse.

So who does our ZOG government worry about? A Russian media outlet…imagine my shock.

George S says:

You really should inform your viewers in detail, what the consequences of this 'registration' are for your work (and hence the resulting broadcasts we receive). I'm sure there's a lot we won't know or understand otherwise.

From my view, I like to congratulate you on being classed as 'Agents' – it marks you as different from the inmates.

Ruby Honey says:

MSM tool of government propaganda

Sumatha says:

Do the same for CNN , BBC , FOX and other fake news channels, especially all American Media , they are the biggest propagandist deceivers.

The Madone says:

Misinformation – American media report 17 Agencies agree Russia meddled. TRUTH – 4 Agencies reported a strong possibility, without showing evidence. Senate investigation finds NO EVIDENCE after a year of looking. What they find is collusion between DNC, CLINTONS, PODESTA GROUP, URANIUM ONE, MERCURY. No action taken

Nic Parker says:

You can say the same about MS 13 you know? How they need a voice and blab blab How they are just misunderstood. Come on RT you are American Bashers.

Crohkor Threetoes says:

The law does not include news or press services not owned by the foreign principal.[6] It also provides explicit exemptions for organizations engaged in "religious, scholastic, academic, or scientific pursuits or of the fine arts," as well as for those "not serving predominantly a foreign interest."[11]

Jerry says:

RT may not be the best for Russian news but it's great for America. Just like our news loves to exploit the wrongs of Russia, RT covers what most will not touch in the US.

Erwin Schmidt says:

This bullshit "foreign agent" handle to limit RT's monetizing their work makes a mockery of truth and justice as well!!! This stinks of Obama quality bullshit and is so embarrassing to American People, the current Administration should Trump this decision, remove the title "Foreign Agent", re-issue RT full Press Credentials, and refund any and all extra fees extracted from them over this fiasco!!

Motoko Cheng says:

RT is not so slanted that it is called Fake Media . It is because of Middle East report. The US must hide true story from people.

X- Plane_This says:

Al ja zera, BBC, AUSTRALIAN NEWS, Philippines news, China, ECT ECT. The whole world then.

Kim Jong Udyr says:

Amen. I love RT .. please talk shit on my nation more. It has to be done. We will continue to watch. There is nothing wrong with self criticism.

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