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When US-backed Syrian fighters took full control of the city of Raqqa, it ended three years of rule there by so-called Islamic State. But now the BBC has uncovered details of a secret deal that let several hundred IS fighters escape. IS made Raqqa in northern Syria its headquarters in early 2014. Last month Raqqa fell, but this programme has learnt that in exchange for a deal to save lives and bring peace to the city, a convoy carrying several hundred IS fighters, their families and weapons and ammunition — were able to leave the city freely. The question now is, where are they now? Our Middle East Correspondent, Quentin Sommerville, has this exclusive report.

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Mega Marc 420 says:

Nah looks like Detroit

Skiwi says:

HUH? what kind of a deal is this? how come I have not heard about this until now? what the hel!?

Can I touch it says:

Trump did what he said he'd do, bomb the shit out of Isis. We hit Raqqa with 60,000 bombs and missiles in one month. This is more bombs and missiles than Obama dropped over several years on Isis. Trump ended their caliphate, in 30 days.

Spitfire Corgi says:

Reminds me of Berlin in May 1945.

Spitfire Corgi says:

Reminds me of Berlin in May 1945.

Aaron from England says:

Where was the Russian military and Syrian military lmfao I don’t know

Veracity North says:

This makes no sense at all. There must be more to this story why they allowed them to leave. They have the capability to have taken them out. Regarding the foreign fighters all should have been killed and published there names and countries they are from. Whoever made this decision should be removed from power of authority. This is absolutely crazy.

TrollBuster GossipPunisher says:

Wtf! they allowed them to escape? So stupid! They should have killed all of them.

Xallion says:

So the US, the biggest state sponsor of terrorism, supports ISIS terrorists? They sell arms to the 2. biggest state sponsor of terror Saudi-Arabia. Why should we act surprised?

Tim Gantumur says:

Syrian "democratic" party. What a joke

Return of Zeus says:

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slovokia says:

Whoever participated in the making of this decision (to allow ISIS to withdraw) needs to publicly justify it. It would have been best to cluster bomb that convoy into oblivion – less innocent people would have ended up being hurt in the long run.

Nplos Le says:

Europeans are dumb , let’s get ready for more Eiffel Tower flag lights , said memes and Facebook covers of what ever stupid European country got attacked, btw I bet no Poland Hungary and Czechs would be fine

freespeech_zone says:

No doubt some of these ISIS fighters have fled to Germany and France to carry out attacks. Well done Merkel

Lord Ralte says:

The presenter should improve

jabbar kazmi says:

So american aided isis have gone to syria to fight against russia. Americans have saved their dogs and pigs again

Brother Ares says:

Why didn't they just drone strike the trucks when they were leaving?

Alberto Z. says:

So finally western media tells the truth about USA protecting ISIS … they could do it before hundred of thousands of people died … Good job BBC … 🙁

dAn says:

Ottoman Empire 2.0

Islamic Nazi.

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