Fox & Friends Weekend 11/11/17 | Fox News Today November 11, 2017

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Fox & Friends Weekend 11/11/17 | Fox News Today November 11, 2017
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Valentin Dal Bello says:

Actually what they say about the NYT article is rigged : it would indeed be a tax cut, as annonced, but the point of the article is that middle-class worker will pay more than the others after the bill is passed. The best advice is to just go and read it.

Donna Parker says:

The comment that tax cuts would be less for lower-wage earners is unnecessary, and could be construed as misleading. Obviously, if you have less money you will be affected differently than if you have a higher income. I love Fox and Friends, but Fox's left-leaning reports are noticeable and and unacceptable to loyal Fox viewers. Happy Veterans Day Pete Hegseth and Griff, if he served. God bless all of our Veterans and their families for their service and sacrifice for our country.

Brandon S says:

Sorry but I have to unsubscribe from your Channel. All you do is post Fox and Friends, and Fox and Friends is a joke. There are literally a dozen other more respected journalist and opinion shows that you could be showing clips from. Fox and Friends is a stupid morning show, it has the most watered down hosts on it and they don't actually tackle any real issues in a thorough manner. My advice, post things from Hannity or The Five, or Laura Ingram, Tucker Carlson. There are so many other ones. I just can't stand to see Fox and Friends constantly in my feed. Once in awhile some Fox and Friends Clips if they actually have somebody worth listening to on would be fine. But not this much. Good luck.

David G says:

So this is how Democrats are going to run their campaign . Last race it was a racist commercial this one is accusations right before a vote. Hmm nothing funny going on here move along lol

Gary Saraf says:

GOD BLESS our Vets
Let the MAN do his JOB!

Mike S says:


Karen Bean says:

We travel to foreign lands to sample the food, culture, and scenery. Culture is the sum of our history. Ppl trying to erase or change that are anti American and should be deported. The Day-oh banana picker song is racist, no doubt. BUT, is it hateful ? Are we really America without these things ?

she livesforjesus says:

I really wish President Trump would ask this woman, one of his supporters to replace Jeffries as hs spiritual counselor.She gets what being a Christian is, Jeffries not so much!!

Peter-john De Jong says:

Everything is racist, black america should regard the atrocities spuvereign african leaders have commited against black humanity in the 20th and 21 th century

she livesforjesus says:

If he pled guilty of desertion, then he was not a soldier, right. I do not believe Trump or Kelly will allow this! Not with the way Trump feels about our military!!

Terri Niemeier says:

Nasty Men should be shot

Peter-john De Jong says:

If i watch you tube i want it to be commercial free

Charles Mcgonigle says:

Trump in 2020. Thank God Hillary isn't the our present. But it is time to lock her up.

Terri Niemeier says:

It's not about yesterday in our New Leadership it's about the Future. God bless our Mother Earth and Father's Military

Rey Dicuori says:

I encourage people not to watch this fucking CHANNEL

Dean Goodhue says:

Fox News loves this because they are rich and benefit tremendously

aubi faedra says:

muppet show!~

sharon stockard says:

Today I Honor, Remember and Pray for

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