Hezbollah’s leader hits out at Saudi Arabia

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Hezbollah’s leader has accused Saudi Arabia of detaining Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad Hariri and not allowing him to return home.

Hassan Nasrallah said it was a ‘humiliation’ for the Lebanese people that Hariri remains in Saudi Arabia after announcing his resignation in Riyadh last week.

Al Jazeera’s Zeina Khodr reports from Beirut.

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Akram al-Haifawi says:

everyone is stuck on the "shia vs KSA" rhetoric

nobody seems to be realizing that they all are playing the same game, and the ones who are paying the price are the poor people of these countries

WAKE UP ya ummat Muhammad!!

Neil Bahnemann says:

Thank God for Hezbollah.
Thank God for the Syrian Arab Army.
Thank God for Bashar Al Assad.

محمد جبار says:

ان حزب الله هم الغالبون

alecrebel says:

Yani! All the caveman spies, funders of terrorism, pedos and abusers of women are leaving Lebanon! Great!
I trust Hezbollah, Iran, Syria and Russia can handle the rest. Time to light up the SS 300 and SS 400 batteries … Perhaps we may even see some SS 500s clearing the skies of vermin.

Jumbey Browney says:

The Whole World Knows That The Saudi Regime Is A Terrorist Scumbag Moronic and The Right Arm Of ISIS….

Thor Wolfsberg says:

Hezboshaitan terrorists

Tindalam Nokoring says:

Hizbalah is 100x better than any sunis thugs, such as HTS, Al-qaeda, ISIS and so on. We prefer Hizbalah than others.

isittruenews 2 says:

omg Obama invaded several countries killed millions war crimes Bush sr n jr who arrest them? no one.

Juliet Tun says:

Saudi Arabia should not fight country. Aleppo, Mosul, Raqqa. Maybe Joseph F is doing witchcraft.

Dt Master says:

Saudi Jewrabia

Alvin Gabriel says:

Looks like Saudi Arabia and the wicked west elites what to lose their oil rights in spoils of war?

Elias J. says:

The saudi's & the usa have lost the war in Syria. So they'll try to escalate things in the nearest country so they have another bullshit excuse to continue destroying Syria till the whole of the middle east is like saudi arabia. That's what the usa is happy to see happen.

Berberawi says:

Hizb us-Shaytan, Hizb ul-Lat, Hizb ul-Iblis, Hizb ul-Firawn & the list goes on…

TheMaster100 says:


Analog Digital says:

hariri is a saudi

naeem siddiqui says:

hizbul shitan

aya salama says:

Could someone from Lebanon tell us the truth please, it's really confusing.

Doctor Hitman says:

Syria will be your graveyard hezoballah army of filthy pigs & your dictator Bashar al Assad

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