Inside Story – What’s fuelling protests in Ethiopia?

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It’s been hailed as an oasis of political stability and a model of growth in Africa. But for the past year, Ethiopia has been in the news not because of its economic successes, but because of insecurity on its streets.

Ethiopians – mostly from the Oromo and Amhara ethnic groups – are angry about what they describe as decades of marginalisation.

They’re also upset about government plans to build factories on land they consider their own. The protests have frequently grown violent, and police are accused of responding with unnecessary force.

Activists say at least 450 people have been killed. For the first time in 25 years, ruling party leaders have declared a six month state of emergency.

It gives the government power to ban protests – and troops can be deployed to maintain calm.
So what now for Ethiopian unity?

Presenter: Hazem Sika


Awol Allo: Fellow at the London School of Economics

Nagessa Oddo: Chairman of Oromo People’s Congress

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Avram Ruben says:

Oromo are terrorists organization

Fasil Joshua says:

They are reading off a script

abdeenn3 says:

Remember the Colonial Master used to use : DIVIDE and CONQUER

The Evils West are working on its again! And all these protestors have been supporting by them!

abdeenn3 says:

Why now? All these protestors were supported by the Evils west.
Nothing new.

Joe I says:

Aljezirra must be band from Ethiopia.

Joe I says:

Arabs and Egypt Islamic forces made the crises in Ethiopia.

Ali - RARER - Abdoul-Magid Abdourahman says:

Shalom People of Ethiopian don't go back to the Time of Famine – Oromoo "OLF & IFLO" or Amharic you land is for You to build what NEED IT for the Country to thrive it's SUCCESS & Innovation – with the Eye of God Blessing – Never forget Tear blood shade to NEVER – NEVER – NEVER be CONQUER AS hand to hand to STAY UNITED listen to your ABBAGADAA PRESIDENT OF ETHIOPIAN Nation – So the lion won't see it's land a disaster devastation by torn war like Somalia where democracy is INEXISTANT – and maintain the fragile peace in this area  hand to hand with Israel & it's ally(ies)  – Yahla we will be I"ICHI – BEI" – That's the power of moving forward – Yahla bon courage.

Obsaa Mohammad says:

Down Down Tplf

Johney Smith says:

See what happened with Egypt in 2011 when US controlled social medias infiltrated the country, pictures, messages, discussion, etc., after a huge social instability, the country now is back to military control, no "progress" made after all, but lost 6 years of economic developing.

Johney Smith says:

That's why China has banned social medias that controlled by the US/West and use its own social media. It's one of the main reason China has been so successful. Singapore has been doing the same thing, it's government would no allow social media, or any media to say things irresponsibly. Ethiopia should ban the foreign controlled social media. Democracy is a bullshit! So the West/US push for it.

Thomas Jackson says:

Ethiopia haters will always be haters lol.

Jay B says:

no no Ethiopia need not separate themselves by ethnic groups you all are Ethiopians now a nation not tribes keep up the stability in positive economic growth do that then all the ppl will benefit in have opportunity have a unstable war torn nation won't benefit anyone

Nunu Sega60 says:

we are one Ethiopian we don't want nobody to divide us that's it

Aden Snapityo says:

During Amhara rule in Ethiopia, every region threaten to declare independence! After the Amahra were overthrown only Eritrea alone choice to leave! The current government is supported by 7 region out of 9. So are these useless Amhara saying 2 out of 9 make the rules! I for one support my current government becomes I'm from Somali region and we will leave the union if Amhara succeed in this project!

ababa tesfaya says:

@Ethiopia Christus I'm Not supporting Ether parties i Just Telling the True T.P.L.F Regime Ruling Ethiopia the past 25 years Most Ethiopian people they aren't Happy that's means Time for, Revelation As long this parties Ruling Ethiopia ''there's No peace!!!'' liked or Not.

영락제 영락제 says:

Support the protest. I truly hope the people achieve the object. Love ethiopia

A. MO says:

ethiopian nationalists in the comments section are so ignorant. Firstly, Ethiopia/Abysinnia was an empire that seeked to conquer neighbouring Cushtic peoples, especially Somali and Oromo lands. There may have not been a unified Somalis state back in the days of Ahmed Gurey, however that doesn't excuse Ogaden being occupied by Ethiopia. Since, Ogaden has been ruled by Somali sultanates/empires up until recently when the habesha invaded in the 19th century.

Rodney Smith says:

What happen to the king family?

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