Iran-Iraq border earthquake: Death Toll Rises to 450 – BBC News

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Iranians living outdoors in bitterly cold temperatures after an earthquake are making desperate pleas for help.
About 450 people were killed and close to 8,000 injured when the quake hit near the Iran-Iraq border on Sunday.
The government is scrambling to get aid to the worst-hit Kermanshah province, where hundreds of homes were destroyed.
President Hassan Rouhani, visiting the region, said state-built houses suffered more damage, and those responsible would be held accountable.
Night-time temperatures in Kermanshah province fell close to freezing for the second night in succession.

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X Who says:

Allah called his loved ones…

sam collis says:

That is what the Middle East should be!
Supporting victims of tragedy’s instead of leaving them to die. Iran maybe backed by Russia but are surly more humane then any other country’s in the Middle East.

David RJP says:

Good news, I'm expecting another earthquake in that zone.

RapistAndFalse ProphetMuhammed says:

Good , so many Islamic terrorist dead . Hope more go

Aurα вírdч says:

Again this isn't much important. So who really cares lelelelel, let them die and suffer

Juan Cervantes says:

Just wait for California we are waiting for the big one

lee Thomas says:

Stay by the phone Mr. Trump our enemy's will be asking for aid . don't ask fema they are only 16 billion in debt .

david alj says:

Death to Iran

k1ngw00d says:

Fear Allah.
Worship Allah
Ask For Forgiveness
Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un

zagros# says:

fuck uk for this border. it is mostly kurdish area. Nobody know. Fuck colonializm of uk.

ABDUL ******** says:

Usa sends people to Haiti but not to Iraq

dAn says:

The Babylonian War

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Good , time to keep them numbers up , nothing was better than the London High Rise Fire I might add 🙂

Axemanudeath says:

Terrible , I hope these people of Iran and Iraq receive the aid they need , and bless those that are killed or injured.. Speedy recovery !

Rapheal Francis says:


Sweet Heart says:

Stop your War…Make Peace!!

fredo1070 says:

Still less deaths than Tony Blair's illegal invasion

Kevin Shag says:

let them eat cake
(or arse biscuits)

Blazed and Confused says:

God hates sand people.

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