Is the Saudi crown prince a reformist or power-hungry?

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The arrests in Saudi Arabia have spurred days of speculation and analysis. There was the element of surprise, the detentions took place on Saturday night and without warning.

The element of power – most of those arrested are men of influence. And an element of uncertainty, is this about purging corruption or consolidating power?

The man behind it all: Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has been a figure of controversy for months now.

He is regarded as a progressive leader, touting social and economic reforms.

But critics say MBS, as he’s known, is also power-hungry. Over the course of two years, he went from being third in line to the throne, to first.

But what risks is the Crown Prince running? And can he meet the many challenges he faces both at home and in the region?

Presenter: Jane Dutton


Joseph Kechichian, Senior Fellow at the King Faisal Center for Research & Islamic Studies

Andreas Krieg, Assistant Professor at the Defense Studies Department at King’s College London

Nicholas Noe, Editor in Chief of MideastWire dot com

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재기 says:

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rajeevrp says:

Well, if Saudi Arabia wants to expand its economy (as oil demand is only going to go down in future), then it must reform its wahabism based governance, and become a more modern & liberal state. Only then foreign investment will come in, and other industries besides oil will flourish. MBS is doing the right thing.

Billy Ellipseer says:

Like all other overthrows of any power center, the reasoning behind the Saudi princes arrests will be revealed in due time.

Mudhar Hadi says:

You can tell who's being paid by the Saudis…

Masoud Eskandari says:

He is being set up the same way Saddam was. He is being coaxed to enter into a dealy conflict with Iran. This is a "NO WIN" situation for Saudi Arabia and will result in the demise of Saudi Kingdom.

fse ertue says:

This guy will not become a king or stay longer as king.He does not has a king face.He has a subordinate face who is meant to stay dissapointed.His face worth that of a jailed Prince by overthrow.

Yo-sup Stahlin says:

saudis are reformists. yup do true

Jahzi Michael says:

an insane Prince leading a criminal kingdom to total destruction in the name of purge and reform time for destruction upon them

Mir Khan says:

Arresting prince in kingdom is bs by this mbs and we all know why but can’t say it because we will be droned

The Good says:

The old seems to be reading form a Saudi/Israeli script demonizing Iran for all the ill's of the Middle East,failing to mention that his paymasters have brought havoc to the region and made it highly unstable….this programs show how some people can be bought and sell their soul for a few Saudi $ dollars and Israeli sheckels

the wise man says:

If he is a reformist let him get inspired by UK and US and establish democracy and free elections in Saudi Arabia!

Dan Chavez says:

Hmmm, The American claimed the power of Trump and son is to much power for one man? Perhaps Trump opened the world door by through influence to make effort to drain their swamps ….

Michael Velez says:

Home boy on the write has chin nuts. That Nicholas dude

Kelly Patrick says:

He liberates women ..I highly doubt that he is power hungry. They know it is time and why waste it on tolerance of greed and corruption

Frank Versace says:

Moderate and let other religions in that sounds great

Zionism is Satanism says:


taurusx1000 says:

why does she keep interrupting

Malazgirt 1071 says:

a good saudie is a dead saudie…die u scum saudi barbaric tyrants

Malazgirt 1071 says:

saudies have been put there by british so they serve there masters.who ever have a name > saudi is a brutel barbaric tyrant,theyl kill torture do what ever so they can save there seats..what do u expect from a barefoot barbaric bedoveen that is worst then animal ? its name is saudi

christopher paps says:

the crown prince will be the cause of the end of Saudi Arabia,

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