ISIS leaders escaped Syria with help from US, UK ‒ report

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Did the US and UK help Islamic State leaders escape Raqqa, Syria, or was it a humanitarian effort gone awry? RT America’s David Miller examines a new report on a secret deal between the United States and Britain to help ISIS flee the besieged city.

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James Ashby says:

I thought President Assad said that the isis fighters could leave if they lay down their arms.

TheWizardJeff says:

LMAO WoW, it still amazes me that the great us is so afraid of rt. The agents in the comments section are so thick, you would think it was a convention.

Kelly M says:

When does it go against its own well being? Really? Lol the usa government up with a plan, to arm those fighting ISIS or ISIL. Told them they would support them and help them, then left, and did not help. The usa left those people with weapon's. Sooner or later those people and countries had not choice but to join ISIS or ISIL. Keep in mind they still had the weapons. Look it up, you can find video recordings of the government talking about it and later fighting about it. So no this is not suprising in any anyway shape or form.

Hank O says:

Of course they did! The USA Created ISIS. the John McCains, Lindsey Grahams and Bushys, Obamas, Clintons and May's and Trumps's of the world NEED WAR AND TERROR! They hide behind "humanitarian" actions whenever they need to re-supply their paid terror fighters.

Irving Kurlinski says:

The Syrian War wouldn't have gone this far w/o the intervention of the U.S, operating covertly through the Pentagon and CIA.

kricketcraze EXCO says:


Destin Bennett says:

Can’t blame Obama for that…

Mr_ NutZ says:

ISIS lives matter

Bashar Jasim says:

ISIS = Obama

Bashar Jasim says:

It's fact
USA government under Obama

Black Dominance says:

This is why they RT to register as a foreign agent, they tell the truth lol

Rata 4U says:

Russia is collapsing.

Ruby Honey says:


devoool says:

ISIS was formed after US joined the fight in Syria… They are obviously related to each other!

Banjo Marla says:

The average Isis worker drives a hummer, fires US weapons ,spends dollars and goes home in a helicopter.

Guest Guest says:

RT is a Kremlin puppet. Dispersing fake news and anti-Western propaganda.

Glen Stanislawski says:

we all need a new place to go so they can support terrorism again oh it must be America

Hi NHPT says:

Video of refugees from last year.

Stig Ice-Mane says:

Hope you all have a good day or night.

Ace Rose says:

Ahhhh ……nothing like Russian propaganda.

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