Jeff Sessions: Poor memory or perjury?

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions testified before the House judiciary committee on Tuesday to defend himself against allegations that he had been untruthful in prior testimony. He maintained that he had “no participation in any wrongdoing” with regard to “improper influence” on the 2016 presidential campaign. Former congressman Bob Barr (R-Georgia) joins “News with Ed” to offer his reaction to this latest piece of RussiaGate drama.

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Horatio Lewis says:

He's surrounded by jews. synagogue of satan jews.

In the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST we will obliterate these jews. Amen.

Marie Summers says:

Perjury he also sounds like he's been drinking

Sunset & Vine says:

Democrats investigating Republicans, Republicans investigating Democrats,  it's like John Dillinger investigating Bonny and Clyde.    and crooked Hillary's laughing all the way to the bank.  what a clown show.

Sally Anne says:

The Uranium One deal has everything to do with the Bundys and the Hammond Ranches and the land grabs out west. The Hammond ranch sits on top of a huge yellow cake uranium and rare earth minerals deposit according to USGS when under suspicion there was more to this story I called them to confirm the mineral content of Harney and Malheur counties which unbeknownst to the land owners was part of the deal the Clintons sold off from under them. There was no evidence or announcement for these actions so the land owners wouldn't know who's behind the land grabs. The Hammond's have been harassed ever since they bought the property in the late seventies and the uranium and rare earth minerals was the reason they were never told about. It was always some excuse the environmental Nazi's used like the sage grouse being endangered or the spotted owl, both of which are not endangered. Environmentalism has been used to grab land for decades. When they ran out of animals to exploit, it was grazing fees, then it was fires set unintentionally. They (BLM and UN) are doing what ever they can to get the Hammond's off their ranch, resorting to desperate measures like BLM setting fires to burn people out of their houses in July, endangering a small town called French Glen with out of control fires. ( the BLM are the arsonist) Or holding a kangaroo court to convict innocent men of crimes they did not commit hoping they go bankrupt in the process. All this corruption is complete with a Clinton appointed judge Anne Aiken, and Obama appointed prosecutor Amanda Marshall, to violate these innocent people rights. Think about it, in the communist manifesto no one is to own land while we here in the US are ignorant of the communist take over of the west. The UN are communist/socialist conspiring to get our resources. They have done this already in many countries around the world through bribery, extortion and violence. The occupation was not a stand off or a shoot out it was a peaceful demonstration followed by an occupation of public land that was taken over by BLM and trashed. ( the real occupiers) The only shooting that took place was by the state patrol and the FBI when they killed Lavoy Finicum and endangered the rest of the crew. But the Bundy occupants of the reserve had no idea the Uranium and resources were the underlying cause of all the land grabs taking place for many decades here in Oregon and the west. Your statement is totally unfounded. The UN declared war on the west a long time ago silently in 1992 the same year agenda 21 was initiated by the Clintons after HW Bush signed away our sovereignty with the UN in 92 before Clinton's reign. Why do you think all (hundreds of families) the neighbors of the Hammond's and Bundy's were forced off their land by BLM? It sure wasn't about grazing rights or the fact that routine fires were set to rejuvenate the land for next seasons grazing. It was about resources! Additionally, BLM told the Hammond's that they have exclusive rights to their land when they go under? (Not legal) This was said to assure that all sales of Uranium and rare earth minerals would go through. The BLM nor government can own land outside a ten square mile allotment by the constitution for bases, outbuildings, and post offices. This was a UN agenda 21 operation for consolidation of all resources on the planet which is one of the objectives of AG 21/2030.

Richard Llewellyn says:

Every institution is totally corrupted in the Jew SA.

Michael Mariner says:

I said it from the start,This shit stain is a Clinton sellout…
Just like Mueller and Comey..Jail that Bitch or assassinate Her!

Rob Ford says:

God Knows how many Frkin Justice Departments there Are,Probably Hundreds.,Yet they can't solve the Biggest Crime in History,That's right under their Noses.,The Clintons….LOL..Frkin Hilarious……

mrthunderbird5 says:

FUCK all these Zionist mother fuckers ❗️They just want us not to pay attention to the collapsing economy ❗️

anameaboveallothers says:

lying sack of monkey dung

xtrafranky says:

Session is fucking cracker that needs to be hung.

X Who says:

Fuxk off with this russian bullshit…
Any whole minded citizen knows its a disgusting globalist traitor anti american democrap invention to blame and discredit the president.
No russian meddling in pedophile US consul murderer child trafficker clinton illegal uranium selling to Russia…

Judith Osorio says:

You can catch a liar faster than a one legged man.

Connor Perry says:

I say it doesnt matter, either way proves incapability of retaining such a position of high prestige. Might as well make it a mockery

Vicraft 1.0 says:

That I lied is a lie, is a lie.

daasboot81 says:

"No improper uhhh ummm ugh campaign ugh traitor umm ugh perjury ugh um lier!!



AssassinHawk says:

Gollum lied again.

23640631 says:

Why is not Comey or Hillary, Muller not testifing?



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