Justice with Judge Jeanine Pirro 11/11/17 – Fox News November 11, 2017

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Justice With Judge Jeanine November 11, 2017 – Justice With Judge Jeanine Fox News 11/11/17 – President Trump

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Clara Adams says:

No no, not a welcoming ceremony; but a play the TRUMPANZEE like a fiddle ceremony. These people have done their homework on his moron ass.

June Corbin-Scroggs says:

I do not understand why Sessions is holding back from doing his JOB!! Surr, clintons have a “do it and die” stigma to their name, but their terror reign has gone on long enough!! Grab them MFers by the hair and throw them in solitary confinement, only allow their defense lawyers in to see them, and listen to every word spoken! If anyone comes up dead, charge the lawyers with murder and clintons as accoplices! They claim they’re progressive, NWO globilists-HAA! Let them taste how it feels to have no rights, the government has full control on how they are treated, when they can eat, sleep, shit, shower and shave! They have no rights to speak their minds-let them lve what they wanted to give our country!! Let’s see how long they last before they are begging forgiveness and wanting to be treated like free humans again! Put all of them under these conditions- obama and michael, lynch, wasserman-schulz, mccain, schummer, pelosi, waters, any other dem/liberal, rino, gop who is standing against our President! To hell with them!! I bet they learn to play nice pretty quick! I’m so sick of all the bullshit these asswipes are dishing out! I’m not a violent person, ubless you push me to my limit-I’d say I’m past my limit right about now! These delusional people need to get off their high horse and open their friggin’ eyes and SEE ALL THE GOOD OUR PRESIDENT IS DOING AND ALL TTHE GOOD HE WILL DO IF HE HAD EVERYBODY EORKING WITH HIM NOT AGAINST HIM! BUT NO ALL TTHESE ASSWIPES ONLY SEE THE DOLLAR SIGNS IN THEIR EYES THEY BLEED GREEN BLOOD!! THEY NEED TO START DOING THE JOB THEY WERE ELECTED TO DO NOT JUST SITTING ON THEIR DUFFS NIT DOING A DAMN THING!! GRRRRRRR!!!!

Larry Gilbo says:

McCain is not an "American War Hero". He, along with many other POW's were PARDONED by Pres. Nixon. American heroes don't need PARDONS. McCain cooperated with his captors, to propagandize for them-that isn't heroic, it's cowardly.

mike james says:

The real crime of the century continues to go on yet not a single hearing or inquiry. Not even Rush, Hannity, Levin, Tucker etc has raised the issue. The pallet of prewashed currency to Iran. We have all simply accepted the amount and the path of the money. Move on , nothing to see there? A pallet with unmarked millions in the hands of The Obama crew. He said how much and that that? Who handled that money from A to B. Pockets got filled people. With our money! ????????

Decklin Mulqueen says:

We're going to have several problems with the Uranium One issue. Mostly, it was all done under the color of law going back to the fall of the Soviet Union. The "Megatons to Megawatts" program was part of Bush 41 and CIA's literally looting the former soviet satellite states. U-235 is $140,000 a gram. The most expensive substance on earth. HRC/WJC greed comes in where they got the 145M kickback to their foundation. Bush 41 at least waited until he was out of office to become a billionaire (overnight) via KKR. Hillary couldn't wait and wanted to cash in with Bill while she was still in government. That's why Wikileaks has Meuller delivering HEU to Russian FSB on a fuckng tarmac in Georgia (the country). They've been exploiting cronyism by setting up the middleman shell companies to 'broker' all the hundreds of thousands of decommissioned nuclear weapons into energy.
Additional problem is that you'd have to prosecute the criminals that make the laws at Commerce, Treasury, FBI, Justice, State, Defense…. you see the problem with that? Prosecuting a handful of Obamas cabinet secretaries is not doable. Obama went to congress and PERSONALLY LOBBIED for the Uranium One sale. This was an Obama/Putin deal at the highest level and Putin is now the 3rd largest holder of U235 in the world, behind the Queen of England…. starting to see where this is going. I'd love nothing more then to LockHerUp, but it would expose and take down a global racketeering enterprise that may even be out of the reach of any POTUS.

Decklin Mulqueen says:

Trump needs to purge Justice. They're the lawyers for the swamp

Clarrissa Zamora says:

oh come on already…believe-ability and street cred for these so called intelligence agencys are gone or has everyone forgotten how every single one all seventeen of them swore up and down about WMD in Iraq so we go kill a bunch of people kill saddam a bunch of OUR men and women die and whooopppsssie no WMD oh we must have been wrong or he moved them to a really really good hidy spot there buddy boy aww shucks… BULLSHIT and why do we need SEVENTEEN intelligence companies? it makes us look weak it makes THEM look incompetent we can save money and do better with far fewer of them!!! meanwhile comey lied, mueller lied bennen lied macabe lied on and on and we are supposed to just believe them NOW…I think NOT!!! none of them have ANY credibility PERIOD!

Space Exposed says:

We need to get rid of them God forsaken demon-crats.

Here they are accusing President Trump of colluding with Russia for just having a conversation with Putin, trying to make peace, stopping our country from looking like mindless-morons while the demon-crats have sold 20% of our uranium to Russians and took bribes and kick backs. Over $145,000,000.

This is so sick I can't believe that it exist!
They are so lucky that I am not President.
I would fry all of them.

Jeff Sessions is weak and needs to step down and let someone with balls take down these devil.

The leftist democrats and the left wing media serve satan.
These people are of the devil and are the enemies of the American people.

DO NOT vote for any demon-crat for anything.
I wouldn't let these devils have my turds.

Their globalist agenda of depopulation and NWO is clear.

God will exterminate them soon, be prepared.

Don Murray says:

Has Mueller broaden his scope to be the FBI OUTSIDE THE FBI could be he is trying to redeem him self and taking over that witch criss Wray should be addressing ,who is in charge .The US SENATE NEEDS LAWS TO REMIND THEM THE FBI IS SUBSERVIENT TO THEM ,THE PEOPLE.

Linda Miller says:

Since Judge Moore says he is a Christian, he needs to publicly, in kind words, say"I forgive this woman for makiing deceptive accusations about me. My wife and I are praying for her. I did not do this."

Veremetrix says:

Mc Cain is NOT a war hero. He sang like a bird to the enemy and was the cause of the Navy's worst ship fire in History, USS Forrestal

Michelle Murphy says:

There has been a strategic infiltration of socialist ideology into your school system for the last few decades, all part of the plan. Just so obvious now it can't be denied. Public needs to start educating there children about politics at home.

Mary Behtash says:

Looks like dictatorship government controlled propaganda TV news.

Dan M says:

Is it me or is there more adds on YouTube.

okey dokey says:

I almost wish McCain would of been elected in 08 cause I don't see how the next 8 years after that could of been worse than what Obama did and McCain would of had to give up his seat in the Senate in which he wouldn't of been able to do the damage he has being doing currently unless they basically put in a McCain clone.

Dan M says:

Only Robbin williums can say that!

stuzo666 says:

Gotta love Ann, love her hair

Col Chamings says:

It is not just in the USA, It is worldwide!!
The hidden government/s in almost every country is making its' move. "Divide & Conquer" as did the Romans. Wake up world!!
It's almost over and you have front line seats!

Gianni Paladini says:

Judge you can't see the obvious
Two major things have screwed the world
1 Trump
2 brexit
Wake up

Anthony Perry says:

The Texas shooter put a Antifa flag over the pulpit in the church. No coverage on this – why?

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