Justice with Judge Jeanine Pirro 11/11/17 – Fox News November 11, 2017

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Justice With Judge Jeanine November 11, 2017 – Justice With Judge Jeanine Fox News 11/11/17 – President Trump

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Dade L. Murphy says:

yeah, and the thing the left is forgetting, is DEATH comes for all.

Dade L. Murphy says:

Jeanine Pirro, total babe.

Dave's Fix It's says:

You know I used to like Judge Jeanine I thought she was fair thought she was adjective but she threw Roy Moore under the bus I didn't see or throw Trump under the bus when these allegations come out about Trump now their friends her ratings go up whenever he's around but when it comes to Roy Moore she ain't sticking by him the same allegations came out about Trump I didn't see her throw Trump under the bus like she did Roy Moore I'm boycotting the show and I never watch it again

Field McConnell says:

Judge Pirro, Your exposure of United States Senior Executive Service was a critically good effort to expose one of the biggest enemies of the United States, my sister Kristine Marcy who created the US SES in 1979 after being directed to do so by Jimmy Carter in 1978. US SES and Serco are the two corporations that most threaten the survival of the US but they are no match for yourself and President Trump. If you wish to interview my sister, Kristine Marcy, please contact me for her contact details. Field McConnell, @fieldmcc fieldmcc@yahoo.com God Bless Judge Pirro, President Trump and America. Field

nina e says:

PLEASE HELP :Youtube Censorship: banned BASED PATRIOT channel who had mio of views on unedited peaceful footage of the President without any journalistic comments, it was my main source of info on what concerned the President. PLS SHARE this comment if you use to watch BASED PATRIOT, it is Unacceptable!!!!!

Steven Crilly says:

McCain isnt a "Hero", he is a rank & file pilot who managed to unfortunately get shot down. He didnt do anything above and beyond, in fact, being down in the mud would have been much more taxing and terrifying than cruising at 20,000 feet. He served, and thats cool, but that is that. It is starting to look like maybe the Viet Cong turned him while they had him in captivity. Seems like a commie to me.

Brenda Bernal says:

@Janine Pirro .. How about those Trumps?

Keith Cindy Panama says:

ANTIFA is Isis

IxCxE 666 says:

McCain, in no way shape or form, was EVER a hero,

Grace Love says:

Too many interruptions. Not good.

Steven Martz says:

Obama shut up. Face and get over it, you were a corrupt president, now you are a private citizen.

Symon Burton says:

Can't believe McCain Could stoop to a all time low . DISRESPECTING the fallen on remembrance. With his loose wobble gob on trump. TRAITOR TO THE SOLIDERS .One day in a year and the stupid man can't respect the dead that helped him be where he is to day. TRAITOR TRAITOR TRAITOR.One horrible human being.

Lee says:

LOVE your show! I know we're not supposed to talk about women's appearance, but I must say, Judge, maroon is your best color.

Bruno's shave says:

It's ok. Us Trump supporters are sitting quietly. These snowflakes are really NOT ready for real hands on violence and others fighting back. The war in Grenada will be longer.

Standardized Exams Master says:

This judge would sell her soul to protect Trump. Just sad

Dan S says:

You rock judge!

rant404 says:

Dump during his campaign clown shows: "China is raping us on trade."
Chinese ass kisser Dump in Commie China: "I don't blame China" for raping us on trade.
Emperor Xi is laughing his ass off: "Putin did me a favor by getting this moronic dotard elected."

Rik Hammond says:

Another raddled old media whore. Shut up, Pirro; you attention-seeking Trump arse-licker.

rant404 says:

Is this Repugnican Parody/Dump mouthpiece going to pimp for the pistol waving Roy Rogers wannabe? Hey, Pirro, you f'ing pseudo-journalist, the Repugnican's boy told your fellow a'hole Insannity that he always got the mothers' permission before dating the girls. WTF!?! "Hey mom, mind if I take your teenage daughter to my crib in the woods?" Are you bagging me?

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