Laura Ingraham Digs Deeper Into The DS Alabama Lie With Juanita Broadrick

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Laura Ingraham Digs Deeper Into The DS Alabama Lie With Juanita Broadrick . 11 / 13 / 2017


Purple Pepe says:


Jerry Mills says:

The fact that Gloria Allred is involved is all I need to figure that it's fake. And, since high school yearbooks come out in May or June, why would he be wishing her a Merry Christmas? It's fake.

Keith Godown says:

Let them try to expel him after he wins. I think you will see a massive swing in more conservatives in the future. And fuck you Laura. What about proof? Stand by the guy. And how do we know she is a Trump supporter? Did you see her vote?

Fuck all these turncoat. Gloria Allred is involved in this. ITS A GOD DAMNED LIE !!!

Also, this ladies stepson said he does not believe her at all at risk of angering his entire family. Her own stepson.

Getreel Now says:

Good point about the intro music. You can drift away into therapy land forget your supposed to get pissed again at the news:)) Stephan Molyneux has a good show on this topic to bring a clear analysis. So far the Fox pundits have not brought up the issue of how credible are the witnesses. In this day and age, can they be accepted at face value because there is a new trend happening? Character, timing, motive, who benefits, who initiated it , and were there bribes involved?How about lie detector tests?

blazebla blah says:

How is it hard for a woman to tell? My goodness, men aren't even allowed to compliment a woman. It's ridiculous. Tell, sue, and keep it moving. Some of the women are full of shit, that's part of the problem.

Satya Vaswani says:

I had to watch a 12 second ad then closed the video 20 seconds into the intro

chris mclaughlin says:

Trump had it made & then started saddling himself with deep state politicians from Alabama.
Moore and Sessions are the last two people from Alabama that he needed for any purpose, whatever.
It is truly hilarious for Laura Ingraham to try to speak for Alabamians. She is clueless.

Ashley Prewitt says:

God! Stop w the long intro!! Damn. Sorry, but everyone hates it! Love the channel. Can we just get rid of the long ass intro.

Lucky SOB says:

I stand by Moore. Fuck the lying left wing propaganda. The Yrump supporter probably got a nice pay check to bullshit everyone.

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